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jools green

Jools Green


'Eldritch' is the new concept album from the hugely underrated Belgian black Metal sextet Saille, their third album and follow up to 2011's 'Irreversible Decay' and 'Ritu' in 2013.

It continues with a similar theme to 'Ritu', again inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as the writings of Arthur Machen, Steven King and other similar horror works, but in an even darker vein this time around. The release features nine tracks spanning fifty-five minutes of melodic black Metal with an ominous and epic feel.

My overall impression of this album is a very positive one, musically, I like all the aspects; from the composition which is very varied and interesting, with each track having a lot of tempo, direction and even at times mood change, to the musicianship, which is first rate and completed by strong, broad ranging, harsh and at times vitriolic vocals that add to the overall sound and mental imagery.

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I did think that the sound had a touch of 90's Dimmu Borgir in quite a few places, in the orchestration and some of the riffing as well as minor vocal aspects, particularly on 'The Great God Pan', one of my favourites from the release, which is based on Arthur Machen's novel of the same name and has two spoken passages from the novella midway and the dark ominous, haunting 'Aklo', which has particularly vitriolic, sinister vocals and a catchy repeat riff.

Other standout tracks for me were; the opening track 'Emerald', another with a Dimmu leaning, which starts on a superbly ominous guitar melody then, one minute in, the track ramps up to an intense blackened pace. Midway there's a hauntingly reflective piano segment, that continues to echo through as the pace once again picks up and the intense, churning 'Walpurgis' with its choral cleans, one of the shortest tracks of at a little over four minutes.


Also worthy of a mention is the Stephen King inspired 'Eater Of Worlds' which has an added feel of the unusual with a horn section towards the latter part which I thought was a great touch. It ends on haunting violins and finally 'Dagon' in which, thirty seconds into the playing time there's a superb violin led extended symphonic opener that reflects the opening guitars, the violins reappear further in, adding an even more sinister, haunting edge to rest of the track.

'Eldritch' was recorded by Reinier Schenk, who prepared all songs for the final mixing and mastering by Klas Blomgren. The band commissioned English artist Colin Marks of Rain Song Design for the cover art (Strapping Young Lad, Exodus, Scar Symmetry and Suicide Silence).

I think this is a great album, I love the horror/sci-fi slant merged with symphonic black Metal, it's such a winning combination. A dark symphonic journey into that "which should remain undiscovered".

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