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'The Seeds Within'
(Pavement Entertainment Release)

jools green

Jools Green


Originally starting out as a Metal influenced hardcore band, Belgian extreme Metal quintet Resistance have, over the ten years of their existence, changed more and more towards death Metal with a few remaining traces of their hardcore roots subtly worked into this ever evolving sound.

They have also been prolific in their output, releasing an album every two years and 'The Seeds Within' is full length number five and follow-up to 2012s 'To Judge And Enslave'.

Lyrically 'The Seeds Within' meets the death obsessed criteria for any death Metal release and follows a dark journey to the "other side" in a linear fashion encompassing both religious and ancient mythological ideas whilst, as explained by guitarist Olivier, viewing the human race and its defects and how some desperately seek forgiveness and how cowardly some are towards reality, giving a metaphorical image of how helpless humanity can be when it comes to facing certain issues.

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Soundwise it's a brutal and aggressive mix of death Metal with a few elements of hardcore, a deep sound that crushes, yet there is just enough melody to make it both an addictive and easy listen without weakening the brutality. The vocals are superb and powerful, ranging from a deep growl, to a scathing hiss and a tortuous scream with the bonus of being very legible.

Choosing a favourite track is hard, every track makes a great listen, starting with the frantic paced, 'Cross The River', a dense combination of pounding riffs and pummelling rhythms completed by broad ranging vocals that go from a guttural growl to a mid-range screech; a superb opening track.

Next 'The Underworld' with its addictive chugging groove, the rich density of sound continues, completed with some superb harrowing screeches towards the latter part of the track.


On 'Darkness Arise' individual drum beats and pulsating guitars build a superb dark atmosphere and this track continues to impress as it opens into a chugging groove with the arrival of the vocals, intensifying as it progresses, an excellent track. 'Diabolical Obsession' opens on a thrashy solo that immediately grabs your attention and the intense up tempo pace keeps it, whilst sinister opening chants herald the arrival of the intense riffing on 'Omen'.

Title track, 'The Seeds Within' is a dark sinister track that seems to rush at you as it builds, with a great mix of tortuous screams and harsh vocalisation along with a sinister spoken element just after midway. Possibly the track with the most noticeable hardcore influence, 'Apocalypse', is punchy and has a superb range to the vocals with a pulsating rhythm and vocal chant to close.

'Purgatory' is another punchy track with a good closing guitar segment, a great mix of spoken and sung vocals with tortured screams of "Forever!" that push, once again, Xerus's vocal capabilities and 'The Gift To Inherit' has a wonderful dark groove and technical edged guitar work.

This release remains unrelenting to the end with the final track, the slightly slower but deliberate 'Antithesis' which is awash with intense dark riffing and blasting drum work.

'The Seeds Within' was recorded at the Noise Factory Studios in Belgium and should be of interest to anyone who likes death Metal. I think it is a superb album.

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