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jools green

Jools Green


'Accelerate', the debut full length from Italian punk rocking, speed metallers Overcharge lives up to its title. It is some of the most exciting adrenaline-fuelled mayhem I have had the joy of listening to in a long while and has totally taken me by surprise.

They are described as sounding like "a drunken fistfight between (early) Motorhead and 'Kill 'em All'-era Metalica, where everyone involved was gargling broken glass and Discharge was playing on the jukebox."

To be honest that is a pretty apt description: Overcharge encapsulate all the excitement of that era, when Metal was all about the riff and how fast it was played. This is a nostalgic listen that is energy packed, superbly executed and tight as hell.

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The musicianship from the trio, consisting of Panzer on drums, Josh on Guitars, Fabietto on bass and vocals is first rate. They have kept it simple, concentrating on being fast and precise, the vocals are superbly hoarse, rasping and audible and lyrically they cover subjects such as decay of society, life and death, anarchy and hate.

Content wise it's a ten track release spanning a compact twenty nine minutes which follows a self titled EP in 2013 that contained three of the tracks found here, the opening track 'Accelerate' which opens like a whirlwind, with addictive, racy riffs and catchy d-beats, along with 'Drown In Your Own' and 'Leave Behind'.


The intense and exciting pace, alongside the high standard and consistency across all the tracks means I have no favourite, I just press play and sit back and enjoy the whole release.

There are some superb latter part guitars on 'As If There Were No Tomorrow' preceded by a brief breakout from the drums but if I have to take a critical stance on this album as a whole, it would be that this formula of fast riffing, d-beats and a latter part guitar solo pretty much repeats on each track so all the tracks are very similar, but sounding this good you don't need to worry about it too much. Hopefully on subsequent releases they will branch out and be a little more adventurous; they certainly have the talent and energy for it.

This album is an exciting breath of fresh air to listen to, even if vocalist Fabietto does sound like a glass gargling chain smoker. I hope I get the chance to see if they can pull this off live.

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