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  BEST OF 2014

jools green

Jools Green

jools green

Best New Band

Arizona's death Metal quartet Gatecreeper, whose debut four track self titled EP is such a crushingly good chunk of classic, mid-tempo death Metal, delivered with such an impressive level of seasoned musicianship that I can't wait for their first full length offering.

jools green

Best Band

I have always loved the work of Polish death Metallers Hate but this year they have made a very positive impression on me. Bouncing back after the sudden death of bass player Mortifier in 2013 shortly after the release of their 'Solarflesh: A Gospel Of Radiant Light' album, rather than jump on the "pity party bandwagon" they went out and toured the album with Kain covering live bass duties to honour their 'lost brother' culminating in a superb performance at The Underworld, Camden. They are consistently good both in the studio and live and are a grossly underrated band.

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jools green

Best Album

My best album is 'London' by progressive black/death Metal quartet Voices, featuring ex members of Akercocke, David Gray and Peter Benjamin. It's a singularly unique album with an impressive level of musicianship and composition that not only pushes the boundaries of Metal, it breaks them. It's a mix of avant garde Metal and spoken word that paints a vivid and disturbing picture in your mind and is based around the a concept of 'Dead London', a "dystopia as witnessed through the mind's eye of the central narrator as their mental state progressively disintegrates as the album progresses".

Best Single

It's almost a single, but more accurately a three track EP spanning a mere eleven minutes, 'Jezebel' from Finnish quartet Trident. This release marks their return after a five year hiatus and It's a superb mix of death and hardcore with powerful lyrics and superb powerful vocals.

jools green

Best Gig

I have been to some great gigs this year but the best has to be The Rotted's final gig, purely because it was such an emotional, landmark event. I had seen them perform on many occasions; they were always entertaining and always gave their best effort musically. They will be sorely missed by many.

Things To Look Forward To In 2015

Undoubtedly there are a lot of things to look forward to in 2015; the new Napalm Death album 'Apex Predator – Easy Meat', the new Hate full length 'Crvsade: Zero', the release of the Melrose Avenue EP 'Conformity Constrictor', but the main thing preoccupying a large proportion of my mind is Incineration Festival 2015, particularly for the opportunity to finally see Necrophobic live.



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