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'Kingdom Of Worms'
(FDA Rekotz)

jools green

Jools Green

deserted fear

'Kingdom Of Worms' is the follow-up release to the 2012 debut album 'My Empire' from German death Metal quartet Deserted Fear.

Soundwise it is predominantly classically styled death Metal with a very slight modern death Metal edge. The British, Swedish and Dutch death Metal influences are very noticeable, with elements of Asphyx particularly from a vocal delivery perspective, as well as aspects of Kataklysm, Obituary with even a subtle touch of Bolt Thrower and Watain at times.

But the important factor is their ability to merge these elements, along with their own styling, into an album that is a highly listenable, which comes from a combination of good musicianship and song writing, liberally garnished with catchy hooks and powerful gut wrenching vocal roars that are to the greater part legible.

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The album consists of eleven tracks spanning forty minutes, after the intro the pace and feel of the release is pretty much set from the first track, the pummelling, high impact 'Forging Delusions', becoming a consistent listen throughout so I have no strong favourites as a result of this.

But happily there are no duff tracks you have to skip either and whilst no tracks stand above the others, each as a certain something that catches your attention and keeps your interest, continuing with the title track 'Kingdom of Worms' which has a catchy repeat riff throughout.

On the next track, the slightly more up tempo 'Call Me Your God', the vocals take on more of a gut wrenching edge to their sound and is followed by the galloping paced 'Wrath On Your Wound'.

deserted fear

This is almost an album of two halves as midway through there is the arrival of 'Torn By Hatred', a brief guitar led instrumental that breaks the intensity up but in many ways serves more as an extended intro for the arrival of 'The Agony' which brings the tempo back up again and concludes with an ear catching guitar segment and there is another great midway guitar segment which is more haunting on the slightly slower, plodding and darkly paced 'With Might And Main', the longest track of the release which tails off reflectively and flows nicely into the slow, smouldering build that opens 'Shattering The Soil' a track that is well varied in pace and intensity throughout.

'Mortal Reign' is another with a catchy repeat riff taking on a blackened yet melodic and almost exotic feel to the guitars towards the close and 'Last Of A Fading Kind' is a dark, ominously emotive and thought provoking final track with a superbly extended vocal delivery.

'Kingdom Of Worms' was recorded at Eisensound Studio in Eisenberg (Thuringia/Germany) by guitarist Fabian Hildebrandt. Mixing and Mastering is by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.) at his Unisound Studio and the dark, deathly and atmospheric artwork was created by Thomas "Necromaniac" Westphal, who also created the artwork for their debut release.

It's not a groundbreaking release but it is a good listen that is consistent throughout.

Check out the hugely amusing and entertaining, if not shamelessly over merchandised video below.

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