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Jools Green

jools green

It is a pretty exciting time for melodic technical death Metal band Wretched. The five piece from Charlotte, North Carolina, consisting of Adam Cody on vocals, Steven Funderburk and John Vail on guitars, Andrew Grevey on bass and Marshall Wieczorek on drums, have recently released their latest and third full length, 'Son Of Perdition' on Victory Records and just completed the 2012 Metal Alliance Tour of over thirty dates in the US.


Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, and around since September 2005, Wretched aim to bring sonic mayhem to your ears, leaving you with a craving for more and state that "if you're into shredding, grooving and thrashing, then you should definitely check them out". The band kindly took time from their busy schedule to speak to

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Curious about the band name, they explained its origin.

"It was our old guitarist Joel Moore's idea. He had the idea for using it as a band name for a while."

From a sound perspective, Wretched play Metal that encompasses elements of all types of the genre.

"Our new record has something for everyone on it. We like guitar solos and have a bit of them on each of our records. We also do a few instrumentals on every album, which include world music influenced material."

The band has a very hard working ethos and 'Son Of Perdition' is their third album in four years which is a pretty impressive output. MetalTalk asked how do they keep their sound fresh and exciting whilst maintaining a high standard, given the complexity of their music?

"Thank you! We like to stay on the grind. Basically we just try and take it the next step, or three each time we write a new album. For 'Son Of Perdition', we decided to dive into a wider range of Metal music rather than an in your face, thrashy Metal record."

Clearly Wretched have achieved a lot in a relatively short period of time. What else do you hope to achieve musically and where do you hope to be in another fiev to ten years?

"Oh, continue to grow musically as well as expand our music from nationally to internationally. Hopefully doing just what we are now!"

  The new album is very ambitious, choirs and orchestra etc. and a lot of depth and richness to your sound. How did you approach the writing and recording process?

"We wrote this record in a short period of time, about a month. John wrote a good portion of the material on this record, and we all collaborated quite a bit as well. We were going for more of a groove Metal kind of feel."

What aspects of the 'Metal Alliance Tour' tour did you enjoy the most and who are your favourite bands to tour with? Also, is there anyone else you would like to tour with?

"Getting to see all of the sick bands on the tour every night, the exposure, and awesome venues/cities we get to play at/in! As for favourite bands to tour with, The Faceless, Three Inches Of Blood, Job For A Cowboy, Havok, Within The Ruins and a ton more.

"All of the guys in the bands are super cool to tour and hangout with. We would also love to tour with Metallica and Megadeth!"

After the success of the 'Metal Alliance Tour', any plan or desire to tour the UK? Is there anywhere else in the world you would like to tour?

"Yes, we are hoping to get over there at some point this year. Nothing set in stone at the moment. Yes! The entire world. Everywhere you can physically play Metal."

Thank you for taking time out to answer these questions. Any final comment?

"Thank you! Pick up our new record, 'Son Of Perdition'!"



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