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'Architecture Of Lust'
(Comatose Music)

jools green

Describing themselves as "maniacs", Italian brutal death Metallers Antropofagus are not exaggerating. This is an album of manic and brutal proportions. 'Architecture Of Lust' is their first full length since 1999s aural assault, 'No Waste Of Flesh', however they did release an EP in 2001 and a split release in 2011.

antropofagus architecture of lust

The lyrics are inspired by the deranged works of author/film director Clive Barker, so are awash with gore, splatter, sickness and brutality. Most of the tracks are pretty fast although the album does contain a few slower tracks and the sound is pretty much a classic death Metal with a slight technical edge to it.

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Tya's vocal style is a deep watery growl of brutal proportions and doesn't stray from this menacing format. This serves to add a very sinister edge to the sound. Davide 'Brutal Dave' Billia (from Sceptical Gorge and Putridity) on drums certainly lives up to his name; his playing is both brutal and manic from start to finish. The guitar work from 'Meatgrinder' and Jacopo Rossi's bass cement the sound together, with churning grinding riffs that bind the whole brutal concept together.

'Architecture Of Lust', the opener and title track, has a hyper fast pace and a sound that pounds on your ears relentlessly with a catchy repeat riff in the final minute. I liked 'Sanguinis Bestiae Solium', another hyper-fast track with machine gun riffling and a catchy repeat riff that keeps popping up to keep your interest. Also there's a bit of a solo on this track too.

'Demise Of The Carnal Principle' has a catchy repeat riff and a good spiral riff. 'The Lament Configuration' is another hyper fast track.

There is a very brief haunting intro on 'Exposition Of Deformities' before the wall of sound hits you full on, whilst 'Eternity To Devour' has a fabulous spiralling riff and a catchy edge to it. 'Sadistic Illusive Puritanism' is one of the slower tracks but I really liked this one. It has a bit of a groove to it, catchy chugging riffs and a solo which gives it an interesting edge.

'Blessing Upon My Redemption' is fast but still catchy. My favourite track of the album was 'Dethelgerånavhäxor (outro) (The Sacrilege Of Witches)' with its sinister opening and slower tempo. It has a lot of atmosphere with an almost terrifying quality to it along with a repeat chugging riff and the ever present manic drums.

This is a pretty good album with quite a few tracks I really liked. It is something I have to be in a particular mind-set to listen to but when I want the skin ripped clean from my face and my ears raped this is the album I will be reaching for.

'Architecture Of Lust' is out now on Comatose Music.



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