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'The Seth Avalanche'
(Abyss Records)

jools green

Previously self-released in 2009 under the title of 'Not Quite What I Had In Mind', Sweden's death/thrash Quartet Septikh have re-released their six track EP as 'The Seth Avalanche'. This EP is a real mixed bag of tracks encompassing thrash, death, blues and punk but the common factors are a good raw sound with a strong rhythm and a good sense of humour. This all makes for 'catchy as' tunes that are fun!

antropofagus architecture of lust

This is a very listenable EP, one that takes you by surprise,just on the basis of the sheer variety it contains. David Wikström on guitar and Patrik Ström on bass competently execute the broad spectrum of musical styles that make up this album. No need to consult the lyric sheet either thanks to excellent, clear to understand vocals from Nils Meseke which range from a deep growl to a rasping scream.

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I love the drum work from Staffan Persson - fast, complex and adding a lot of interest to the overall sound. These guys clearly enjoy what they do and don't take themselves too seriously which is always a good thing.

The opening track, 'Fuckslut From Hell' is as funny as it gets from a lyrical perspective and as I mentioned, no need to consult the lyric sheet thanks to the clear vocals, so the humour will hit you first listen. This is also a catchy track that has a fast punky feel to it and a pretty decent solo. At this point you will be wondering just what the rest of the album has in store.

Next up is 'Shoot Them All', a chugging chunk of death Metal that has a catchy a groove to it. 'Blunt Force To The Head' is a mid-paced and chugging piece of menacing death Metal that goes ballistic at about the halfway point.

The fastpaced 'Not Quite What I Had In Mind' is a thrash track with witty lyrics. You really have to admire the sense of humour of these guys.

I absolutely love 'Eating The Maneater', another fun track that has an excellent Bluesy groove to it making it a memorably catchy track with excellent distorted guitars and another fun solo.

I love the final track, 'The Seth Avalanche'. It's catchy, blackened death but also has real groove to it with a brief technical riff slipped in for good measure.

'The Seth Avalanche' is twenty two minutes of fun and definitely worth a listen.

Out now on Abyss Records.



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