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'The Call'
(Century Media)

jools green

'The Call' is Angelus Apatrida's fourth full length album since they formed in 2000. Their previous album, 'Clockwork', succeeded in putting the Spanish thrash quartet on the Metal map and their intention is to continue the trend with this album, demonstrating a more developed and mature version of their sound. Previously promoted as "the most promising and threatening Metal band from Spain!" by Century Media who signed them in 2009/2010, they are still determined to live up to this reputation.

angelus apatrida the call

Musically this album is a slice of fast pace, exciting thrash that has crisp, explosive sound and a good groove. Here are ten catchy and dynamic songs of listenable thrash. The guitar work from Guillermo Izquierdo and David Álvarez contains a lot of good riffs with a slight technical edge at times. Lyrically the songs are aggressive yet intelegent, covering subjects of social and anger driven issues.

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Guillermo's powerful clear vocals are classic thrash in style. The drum work from Victor Valera is fast, precise and powerful. José Izquierdo's bass is very low key bolstering and enriched the sound without being intrusive. You know he's there doing his job but he's not in your face about it.

The album opens with 'You Are Next' beginning with a thirty second gentle opening, then the pace picks up with a slightly technical sounding riff and at about the one minute mark the full blown thrash madness erupts upon you.

'At The Gates Of Hell' also has an atmospheric intro that builds in pace with blasting drums and catchy riffs and a monstrous solo.

'Violent Dawn' is a fast track right from the offset with a chugging, catchy tempo and the obligatory thrash-tastic solo for good measure.

My favourite track of the album, 'It's Rising!' has fast exciting riffs that make you feel like you are being chased. If that isn't enough there is also a fast solo. The groove is catchy, as are the lyrics: you just want to sing along.

'Blood On The Snow' begins with a slower atmospheric intro before the blasting drums and machine gun riffs kicks in. This is well balanced with vocal harmonies on the chorus making this another track that is high on my 'like' list.

'Killer Instinct' has mega fast riffs and a good groove. 'The Hope Is Gone' is a slower track but still with catchy riffs and a good groove. The pace picks back up again with 'Fresh Pleasure', a mid pace chugging track with a fast, excellent solo.

'Still Corrupt' has a good tempo change and is a song with a message. Ending with 'Reborn', the longest track on the album at over seven minutes but tempo change, vocal harmonies and an emotive solo keep you interested until the end.

The album was recorded in Moita, Portugal at Ultrasound Studio with producer Daniel Cardoso (Anathema) and the cover artwork by Gustavo Sazes/Abrstrata (Arch Enemy, Krisiun) which was the same team responsible for the previous album.

'The Call' is out now on Century Media.



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