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'The Point Of No Return' EP
(Candlelight Records)
Release Date: 22nd May 2012

jools green

Colorado's thrash Metallers Havok, just one year after the release of their second full length 'Time Is Up' have now released, to coincide with their European tour, 'The Point Of No Return', a four track EP consisting of two new tracks and two covers.

havok the point of no return

The covers are two classics, Sepultura's 'Arise' and Slayer's 'Postmortem/Raining Blood' which have both been given the Havok treatment and make for interesting listening.

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Soundwise, what you get from Havok is good honest, no frills, old school Thrash. Musically Havok are not breaking any new ground but they don't need to. If it's not broken then don't try and fix it. It's good to listen to - what more could you want?

The musicianship is good, competently executed and they can play as fast as you like, when necessary. I particularly like the dual vocals from Jesse and David which work well together.

The EP opens with 'Point Of No Return'. I really enjoyed this track - a good start to the EP. It is mid tempo with a catchy chugging repeat riff equating to four and a half minutes of quality thrash.

The next track up is 'Cradle To The Grave', a faster paced catchy track, one you will find yourself singing along in the chorus to and not a bad solo either.

The first of the covers is 'Arise' (Sepultura) and this is a good effort. It's not my not my favourite Sepultura song but nonetheless this competes well with the original. In fact I like this version more.

The final cover is 'Postmortem/Raining Blood' (Slayer). This track could receive a mixed reception depending what side of the fence you are on. Havok are brave to cover something as legendary as 'Postmortem/Raining Blood' because you just can't come close to the original but this is a damn good effort and a worthy tribute, however only Slayer's version gives me that spine tingling feeling.

This EP is definitely worth more than just a spin or two and if you like thrash you should love this.

'The Point Of No Return' is out on May 22nd from Candlelight Records.



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