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Angelus Apatrida are currently on an extensive European tour with Havok, Goat Whore and 3 Inches of Blood. I caught up with vocalist/guitarist Guillermo Izquierdo on the penultimate night of the British leg of the tour at the White Rabbit, Plymouth where he graciously agreed to give me a few moments of his valuable time for a chat before the gig.

havok the point of no return

Guillermo, thank you for allowing me a few moments of your time.

"No Problem..."

The band name is unusual, can you, for those who do not know, explain the meaning behind it?

"Yes, the name is a mix of Spanish and Latin and translates as Stateless or Renegade Angel. This is good because people pay attention to the name but bad because it is difficult to understand."

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How has the tour gone so far and with tomorrow being the last UK date has the band been received well?

"Very well. Tomorrow, in London will be good; we always have a lot of fans in London. It will be our third visit to London and our second to the Underworld. Last time it was with Skeletonwitch and Warbringer. This guy screams out the band's name and I was like 'what the fuck is going on!' it was amazing!"

How has your music been received on this tour, particularly the new album?

"Very well. We work hard outside of Spain to show that Spain is not just about football but also about great Metal. The last three or four years it has been a good place for Metal. It makes it easier because we sing in English. most Spanish bands sing in Spanish and this is a stigma but maybe other bands will follow in our steps."

Has signing with Century Media and releasing 'Clockwork' and 'The Call' seen a greater popularity to your music?

"Signing with Century Media has been like passing to the next level, like winning the lottery. Before we were self financing our albums and tours but now this is a full-time job, a way of life for us. We still have stress but it is a good stress.

"We are bigger in Spain and one of the biggest bands from Spain. Belgium is a good place for us and also Germany. We love touring, we would do it all the time, it is the essence of our band.

"We would like to tour the US eventually. We have many friends in bands there but first we must break Europe."

You always have a meaning behind your album titles. 'Give 'Em War' was something new and evil in Spain, 'Clockwork' was the machinery is stronger than ever. What about 'The Call'?

"It is a metaphor; this is our best so far, to let the world know what is going on, a call to everyone - 'Here we are, if you like Metal you will like this!'

I have just reviewed your latest album 'The Call' and it is pretty awesome. My favourite track is 'It's Rising'. What is the story behind that?

"I like to write lyrics about stories, I like Lovecraft and so it is a Cthulhu influence mixed with the end of the world in 2012 prophecy. The high vocals are a bit of a Judas Priest/Pantera/Cowboys From Hell influence. Originally I was going for Annihilator style vocals but the producer said to go higher, like my balls were being crushed and so I did.

"Two years ago I used to sing differently. I didn't have the skills then to sing a song like 'It's Rising' but now I do."

Some of your songs are about social issues, is that to put across a message or just because it is a source of inspiration?

"Sometimes I turn on the TV and I see the news and it gives me an idea for a song and also it helps me to express any rage I feel. Turning something into a song helps me to get over things if something bad happens."

What process do you use to turn ideas into songs?

"I record a demo with the lyrics and pass it onto the band and we take it from there. This time it was a bit different, I was recording in Portugal and sending them back but they did not know what I was recording but they trust me and I trust them."

Any final comment you would like to make?

"Thank you for your time and the opportunity to talk to you!"

It has been a pleasure and thank you for your time too, Guillermo.



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