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(Metal Blade Records)
Release Date: 21st May 2012

jools green

I love Six Feet Under and I love Chris Barnes. The guy is an absolute legend. There is something that enthrals me about his deep growling voice and for me, his songs always have this catchy groove running through them that gets inside my head.

six feet under undead

I fell in love with the phenomenon that is Chris Barnes when he released '13' back in 2005 but until now, I don't think he has ever come close to matching that particular album. It was just such a masterpiece of Extreme Metal from my perspective, but I think that with full length number nine, 'Undead', he has managed to do it this time.

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On this album, Chris is joined by Kevin Talley on drums, Rob Arnold on guitars and Jeff Hughell on bass as well as Steve Swanson on guitars who has been with the band since 1998. I think this new line-up has injected fresh life into the band. There is still the sexy, sludgy, down tuned, distorted guitar groove but there is that extra technical edge and Kevin's drum work is tight.

This album is listenable end to end; twelve fabulous tracks opening with what I consider to be the best track, 'Frozen At The Moment Of Death'. A good beginning and the groove starts here.

Continuing with 'Formaldehyde', this is delightfully laced with some sinister riffs. A dark tale of slow death and torture, '18 Days', has slower, sinister riffs with a blackened feel. One of my favourite tracks is 'Molest Dead'. I love the lyrics and it's a clever play on words.

'Blood On My Hands' has the sickest groove running through it and I also ended up singing along to this. Another excellent track, 'Missing Victims' has a real doom like quality in places and you will find yourself chanting "Missing Victims" by the end.

A track that also stuck in my mind is 'Reckless' with its combination of chugging groove and catchy lyrics.

Saving the darkest and most sinister track, 'The Depths Of Depravity' for last. This is for me, an excellent end to an excellent album.

I know not everyone likes Six Feet Under and there are a lot of Barnes Haters out there but I am not one of them! This is forty minutes of Death Metal with a really addictive groove so just stick it on repeat and enjoy.

The technical ability of the three new additions to the line-up is profoundly obvious and it's a winning combination of musical talent.

'Undead' is out now via Metal Blade Records.



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