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'Post Mortal Coital Fixation'
(Comatose Music)

jools green

Brutal slam death Metal is not a genre normally associate with Norway. One tends to think of New York, Texas or Moscow as the main centres for this genre however this has not held back Oslo's Kraanium who have carved their place in this extreme genre and just released their third full length in eleven years, 'Post Mortal Coital Fixation'.

kraanium post mortal

This latest offering, the follow up to 2008s 'Ten Acts Of Sickening Perversity' and 2009s 'The Art Of Female Sodomy' is a chunk of twelve brutal songs, which stands well beside these previous two equally extreme offerings. However despite its extreme nature the vicious down tuned slamming also has a hypnotic quality to it which makes for compelling listening.

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As is a common feature of this genre, a few of the tracks, including the opening track 'Post Mortal Fixation', have the added interest of audio samples as either an intro or outro. These also serve to put a certain perspective on what might be just considered a brutal track, as with 'Compulsive Mutilation Disorder' or on others such as 'Crack Whore Pounding' where it is just there to add extra entertainment and a touch of humour.

Unusually for slam death Metal, Martin Funderud preserves some of the lyrics in select places rather than the usual indecipherable growls and squeals associated with this genre, such as on 'Baptized In Boiling Sewage' and 'Coprophagial Asphyxiation' which also has very effective use of tempo change to maintain the listener's interest.

The album ends with an admirable cover of Abominable Putridity's 'Entrails Full Of Vermin', not quite as good as the original but a worthy tribute and an effort to be proud of.

This will never be music for the masses and I think Kraanium would never want it to be. This album is definitely aimed at the discerning Metaller with an ear for the extreme.

Despite it's brutality it doesn't intrude or totally take over your mind, also Kraanium keep it basic, concentrating on an overall sound that is brimming with energy. I loved the cover art, a gory yet amusing insight into the contents of the album.

'Post Mortal Coital Fixation' is out now on Comatose Music.



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