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Earlier this year Desaster released their seventh full length album, 'The Arts Of Destruction'. Vocalist Sataniac kindly agreed to take time out of the band's busy schedule to answer a few questions for


The band name comes from the Destruction song 'Total Desaster'. How much influence musically have they been on the band?

"They have influenced us, as have all the old Metal gods from the eighties. Old Slayer, Venom, old Kreator... the spirit of the eighties mixed with the brutality of now, are the influences that drive us."

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What motivates you after 24 years? How you manage to keep the music fresh and exciting?

"I think the most important thing is that we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are still fans, not musicians at all."

How do you feel the band has developed over the past 24 years?

"There is only natural evolution, there is no plan or somewhere we want to go. We only write the songs we like."

Have you achieved, musically all you have hoped to achieve or do you feel there is still more to do?

"Like I said before, we don't think too much about how something has to sound. We only write songs, and we have reached nearly all the goals which once were set. Everything is fine... hahaha!"

How do you think 'The Arts Of Destruction' compares to your previous album, 'Satan's Soldiers Syndicate'?

"'The Arts...' is a little more black in my opinion, and 'Satan's...' is more a thrash and violent release, but both records are typical Desaster."

'The Arts Of Destruction' is the band's seventh full length. What kind of pressure did you experience with the writing and recording process?

"There is no pressure at all. We always do what we want; there is no one who tells us what to do. The only pressure that motivates us is the pressure to do strong songs."

How did you approach the writing and recording process for this album?

"The same procedure as always, Infernal comes along with the riffs, the basics of our songs. We build them together in the rehearsal room. We record demos and I try to find the right words..."

The cover artwork is pretty awesome. Where did the idea come from and who is the artist?

"The artist is Axel Hermann who did a lot of artworks for Century Media (Asphyx, Morgoth, Tiamat...) We only gave him the album title and he did the art which covers our new record."

What touring plans does the band have? Are you considering touring in the UK?

"Please invite us to the UK! We will come. We played Ireland a couple of times, and we had a concert in Edinburgh, and only once in England, that was in London a few years ago."

Thank you for taking time to do this interview. Any final comment you would like to make?

"Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrsinn! - Without music, life would be madness!"

I know that I would like to see Desaster play in the UK so if you feel the same, get onto Century Media and your local promoters. Make some noise people!!



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