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'Visions Of The Scourge'
(Dark Descent Records)

jools green

'Visions Of The Scourge', the second full length and follow up album to 2010s 'Impending Funeral of Man' from Canadian blackened death Metallers Begrime Exemious is one of those albums that the more you listen, the more you like because it reveals more of itself to you.

begrime exemious visions of the scourge

It has a raw, primitive and almost filthy, under produced sound reminiscent of early 90s black Metal that is rich with energy and aggression whilst still maintaining the strong death influence. The vocals also have a raw gargling growl which is dirty, aggressive and effective.

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Opening with 'Incestuous Servitude', this starts with atmosphere building guitar riffs before bursting into musical mayhem and enough tempo change to make you dizzy. I loved the haunting slow riff that drops in to accompany the choruses before returning to the mayhem. An exciting start to the album.

Next up is 'Oath Of Impiety', initially slower but picking up the pace after the first minute. A dirty distorted delight.

'Chasm To Obscurity' has a spoken intro, followed by a drum roll which merges with the haunting opening guitars before the tortured strangled vocals emerge.

Also opening on a drum roll, 'The Vault Of Ancient Bone And Poison Saliva' is raw and aggressive yet catchy and is one of my favourite tracks. There is excellent use of tempo change to build atmosphere and the dirty distorted guitars are particularly effective and well executed.

The next track, 'Perverted Decadence Churning' has some good riffs going on in and 'Sacrament Of Virgin Flesh' has a hypnotic guitar segment at the start and I like the way the vocals and music seem to bounce off each other on this track.

The final track, 'Relic Of Befouled Incantations' I thought was going to be an epic fifteen minute monster. It starts at a manic pace and has a catchy exchange between the vocals and guitars which tails off towards the end to a more sedate reflective pace and ends at six and a half minutes and then when you are wondering just what is going on, at the twelve minute mark a hidden track emerges. Excellent!

Overall I think that 'Visions Of The Scourge' is a good and listenable album, with a lot of interest and appeal. Initially I made the mistake of listening to it too quietly but once I cranked the volume up a few notches, all was revealed.

I think that anyone who likes evil, riff-based death Metal with a retro blackened influence should enjoy this.

'Visions Of The Scourge' is out now on Dark Descent Records.



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