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'Error' is the third full length and follow up to 2007s 'Oblivion' from Belgian oppressive death Metallers Emptiness. Boasting two members of Enthroned in their line-up, Phorgath on bass/vocals and Olve (Neraath) on guitars/vocals, you might expect a lot of similarity between the two bands particularly from a vocal perspective, however it couldn't be further from the truth, the only similarity being the high standard of music, Phorgath being a sufficiently accomplished vocalist as to be able to use his vocal talents in a completely different manner with Emptiness.

emptiness error

Consisting of nine tracks of progressive, blackened doom-laden Metal, 'Error' is described by the band as "A journey into descending madness". Sound wise it is very experimental and forward thinking with a real haunting groove. I like that they haven't tried to be too clever, they have stuck to simplistic repeat riffs that build atmosphere and layering on top of this extreme noise and saxophone to add depth and interest to this album.

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Opening with 'Deafer' which begins with a quiet ambient introduction, building into war like drums which take things to the groove laden, mid paced riff that is maintained pretty much throughout all the subsequent tracks, enabling them to flow seamlessly along and into each other. Next, 'Error' has an insane guitar breakout midway through and the addition of saxophone giving it a jazz influence.

On 'It And I' the vocals take on a deeply sinister quality but on 'Worst' have an almost liquid like sound to them ending with some delightfully dissonant guitar rhythms. 'Dissolution' has a chugging and angry atmosphere about it, whilst 'Not Enough' spirals your mind into musical insanity in the last thirty seconds.

I thought 'Low' had an ominous raw feel about it and on 'Nothing' I enjoyed their use of extreme black noise which I felt added a chaotic atmospheric feel. The final track, 'No Earth', brings again to the forefront the hypnotic quality of the guitars. This, in combination with very effective drum work by Jonas Sanders makes for an excellent ending to an excellent album.

I have no favourite track as I absolutely loved this album in its entirety. I thought it had a unique brooding, hypnotic quality to it and certainly pushes musical boundaries way beyond traditional blackened death Metal.

If you like atmospheric groove Metal you will love this. Cover work is done by Brussels-based Blackout Media.

'Error' is available now from Dark Decent Records.



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