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'Stop The Chaos'
(Selfmadegod Records)

jools green

The Polish grind quartet Antigama are back on their former label, 'Selfmadegod Records', with a new EP 'Stop The Chaos'. Another change for this EP since the release of their previous full length, 2009s 'Warning', sees the addition of fresh blood in the line-up in the shape of ex-Vader and Lost Soul drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz and Michal Zawadzki on bass, whilst still retaining Sebastian Rokicki on guitars and Lukasz Myszkowski on vocals.

antagama stop the chaos

This fifteen minute EP is an excellent short sharp shock to your auditory system and a teaser for their fans of what to expect from this new fresh line-up. Guaranteed to keep their current fans happy and gain new ones with six tracks of straight to the point grind and all but one under the three minute mark.

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The EP begins with 'E Conspectu' and the opening sound bite states "Ignition full thrust", which is exactly what the track does.

'The Law' has screams sandwiched between harsh vocals and excellent spiralling riffs which add interest and excitement to this two minute gem of a track.

On 'Stop The Chaos' a technical element is very effectively worked into the guitars in the track.

My favourite track 'Find The Function' has clean background vocals which complement the harsh vocals. This track, for me, slightly reminiscent of Napalm Death, also has a catchy groove running through it and some exciting drum work from Pawel. Ending with another sound bite, "“All systems are functional". Indeed they are!

'Intricate Trap' has yet another example of really excellent drum work which almost seems to, at times, do battle with the exciting technical edged guitar.

The final track and aptly named 'The End' is an instrumental, serene and subtle in its construct and has an almost hypnotic effect on your senses and pulls you back into reality with its sudden abrupt end.

Overall I found 'Stop The Chaos' to be both an exciting and excellent EP. From my own perspective, I find Antigama far more interesting to listen to than so many of the other grind bands out there and I think this is down to the subtle inclusion of elements from other genres, particularly the technical edge to the guitar, into their own unique form of grind.

Antigama is a band that's not afraid to push boundaries. I also love the cover art, just an on/off button on a stark black background, simplistic and to the point, visually summing up the title.

'Stop The Chaos' is out now on Selfmadegod Records.



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