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'Tomb Of Infinite Ritual'
(Dark Descent Records)

jools green

'Tomb Of Infinite Ritual' is the long awaited follow-up to Los Angeles based death Metal trio Coffin Texts' previous full length, 'Gods Of Creation, Death And Afterlife'. It has been four years in the making and twelve since their last full length, but well worth the wait.

coffin texts

Continuing on this album as before with a lyrical theme based on Egyptian Mythology, 'Tomb Of Infinite Ritual' is a thirty seven minute chunk of death Metal of intense proportions. Sound wise they have an early Morbid Angel influence to their guitar sound and speed, with the addition of wonderfully dark deep guttural vocals from bassist/vocalist Robert Cardenas.

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With all six tracks, I am not counting the intro, at well over the four minute mark the compositions are necessarily busy and their sound is concentrated, with regular tempo change to keep you mind and interest on the music. There is a comfortable old school feel to the riffs at times but blended cleverly with a slight technical feel keeping the sound fresh and modern. The guitar work from Richard Gonzales is aggressive but full of depth and texture backed up by brutal battery from Emilio Marquez on drums, whose previous involvement with Asesino, Brujeria is evident here.

Opening with 'Atum (Into The Divine Sphere)', a one minute sound bite intro and atmosphere building prelude to the ensuing Metal mayhem.

The first track, 'To Manifest', begins the audio onslaught on your ears with mega fast drums and guitars plus snarling vocals, dropping the tempo partway though, momentarily, for a sinister effect. 'The Final Transformation' opens with hypnotic groove which complements the harsh gutteral vocals, upping the tempo to a ballistic pace for the middle segment before returning to the groove.

The intense and chugging 'The Sacred Eye' has you nodding along, finally dropping the pace with some slower, moody segments in its final minute.

The album's longest track, 'Divination' has an almost lurching groove to its slightly slower parts and I loved the very deep distorted spoken element at just over midway through. Opening on a drum roll, 'Throne Of Genocide' is yet another complex and cleverly constructed track. The clever use of tempo change on 'Deities Of The Prime' with its twists and turns really adds a sinister atmosphere and effect to this closing track.

I enjoyed this album: brutal yet complex, it has an ability to maintain your interest, topped off with a good production. An album that merits more than a few spins and well a worth the twelve year wait.

'Tomb Of Infinite Ritual' is out now on Blood Harvest Records.



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