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'Callousness And Deviance'
(Bleakscape Records)

jools green

Operating beneath the radar since 2006, 'Callousness And Deviance' is the fourth full length album and follow up to 2010s 'The Murderous Altitude' from Martin Daniels' one man extreme music project known as Derelict Sermon. Although this fourth album is a natural progression from the previous three, it is far more experimental and boundary pushing.

derelict sermon

As the title suggests, the inspiration for the album comes from sadism and violence, heavily influenced by horror and crime, particularly the indulgent crimes carried out by strong female enforcers. From conception to completion Martin is the singular mastermind behind this project with additional vocals from Vera Bremerton and Lopa Kothari.

Consisting of eight tracks, 'Callousness And Deviance' pushes beyond the boundaries of extreme Metal and incorporates elements of extreme avant Metal, wardy doom, electronics, Black Drones and progressive sound-scapes, culminating in an album of powerful and intense music.

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So many things appealed to me about this album; the harsh but powerful vocals, the distorted and down tuned guitars, clever use of electronics and also as Martin's main instrument is drums, the excellent drum work throughout. Another appeal factor for me was the hypnotic underlying groove that runs subtly beneath the hasher upper layers of many of the tracks.

The album opens with 'Callousness And Deviance', with a spoken intro by Vera Bremerton, before the sinister vocals and hypnotic distorted guitars embark on their aural assault. At the one and a half minute mark there is a tempo and mood change, offering a momentary isle of tranquillity before the vocals and guitars return. An excellent start.

Next is 'Killed By Child Assassins' with its hypnotic beat and groove running discreetly throughout, balanced against the harsh, snarling vocals. On 'The Security Gassings', Lopa Kothari adds an exotic vocal wail which complements the harsh vocals from Martin, while chugging guitars add to the appeal of this track.

There is an excellent combination of heavy distorted guitars and harsh tortured vocals on 'Faeces Mask Of Ms Blue'. On 'Rubber Fingers Rip Open Mouth' the tortured screams continue alongside some interesting and excellent drum work.

The longest track, 'Leering Completion' at eighteen minutes, is a sinister, distorted, drone like sound-scape overlaid with a witches cackle that turns into tortured screams and deranged gargles. Horrifyingly haunting, becoming terrifying as the trance like mood is shattered with a tempo change suddenly and violently at the thirteen minute mark, guaranteed to scare the life out of you. Awesome.

Another spoken vocal from the dulcet voice of Vera Bremerton on 'Entry Of Empress' complementing the distorted noise-scape of guitars and electronics. The final track 'Wardylight/Mrs Sands' is simple sustained notes from relatively clean guitars, inter-dispersed with drone like electronics making for an eerie end to fascinating and excellent album.

The thing I love most about this album is that it is extreme music that leaves you thinking about what you have listened to long after the CD has finished.

'Calllousness And Deviance' is out now on Bleakscape Records. Available from


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