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'Rotten Thing To Say'
(Southern Lord)

jools green

Jools Green

Burning Love Rotten Thing To Say

'Rotten Thing To Say' is the second studio album and follow up to 'Songs For Burning Lovers' from Canadian Punk and Roll five piece Burning Love. If I am totally honest, not having heard the first album, I didn't expect to like this album at all.

Initially the band name and album title put me off but ever professional, I gave it a spin and I am so glad I did because I love it. It is nothing like I expected; it's angry but upbeat, cleverly simplistic in construct, catchy and full of attitude.

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Counting the intro and outro the album consists of fourteen tracks totalling thirty-five minutes and not a duff one amongst them, it's fully listenable from start to finish. Led by Chris Colohan (formerly of Cursed, Left For Dead and The Swarm) who adds to this mix of rock-influenced punk some excellent raging, caustic vocals, with Alex Goodall on bass, Easton Lannaman on drums and Pat Marshall and Andrus Mereton guitar making up the remainder of the band.

The album begins with a feedback laced instrumental, 'Intro', before moving into the straightforward, in your face punk opener 'No Love', with furiously fast riffs and marvellously vitriolic vocals that form the backbone of this album.

The next track 'Karla' tells of the crimes of infamous Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka; excellent stuff. 'Superstitions Friend' is another of the very punk orientated tracks. Simple style guitars and fast drumming make for a track which is both catchy and excellent. 'The Body' is one of the heavier more rock orientated numbers and the next track, 'Made Out Of Apes', is my personal favourite; it has such a catchy groove to it.

'12:31' is an instrumental however there are vocal noises within its construct. With the next track, 'Tremors', don't blink or you will miss this fast and intense thirty-nine second chunk of Hardcore. In contrast the longest track at four and a half minutes, 'Hateful Comforts' demonstrates some excellent rock riffs.

Another track which had a strong appeal for me was 'Damage Case', an excellent blend of catchy and angry. Another short, sharp, shock that gets straight to the point, 'Pig City I', is also a damn good track. This is followed by 'Pig City II', one of the slower tracks with a wonderful dirty groove to it.

Bringing the tempo back up again with final track, the rocking out 'Broken Glass', an anger filled song about the demise of Chris' previous band Cursed. Finally the 'Outro', a mix of distortion, feedback and sound bites ending as the album began.

If you enjoy no frills, in your face, quality punk then you will love this because it just ticks all the boxes; an enjoyable album with bags of attitude. The album was produced by Converge guitarist and extreme music producer Kurt Ballou, at God City in Salem Massachusetts.

'Rotten Thing To Say' is out now on Southern Lord Records.



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