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'We Are The Empty'

jools green

Jools Green

Following the success of their self released EP 'Poison City' in 2011; London based Generation Graveyard are back with their follow up EP, 'We Are The Empty', also self released. Describing themselves as "Self Destructive Mutant Junk N' Roll", the band find their musical inspiration from urban isolation, substance dependence and social upheaval. They are not a band to be pigeon holed or mix their words.

Their music is a mix of hardcore, black/death Metal and d-beat crust influences with punk energy and attitude. The previous EP reflected an alarmingly accurate prediction of a post-riot stricken London, with its dark driven sound. This time around the focus has shifted and for 'We Are The Empty' the target of their creative venom is found on a more personal level, reflecting the discord of more recent times, line-up changes and other issues.

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The EP consists of four tracks, opening with 'Intro (track 1)', an interesting and haunting atmospheric intro of spoken word, effects and sound bites. A good start to the EP.

I also liked the next track, 'Abominate/Desolate', with its monstrously epic opening; I love how the sound builds and the chugging distorted guitars and down tuned bass are just excellent.

The powerful vocal style of vocalist Max is harsh and gravelly yet the lyrics are still very clear so you are able to appreciate the message they are trying to convey in their music.

The next track, another good one, 'The Empty', has an upbeat and catchy groove and an excellent belligerent edge to it and the final track, the fastest track of the EP 'Deleatist' was good, but not to the level of the previous ones.

Overall this is a good EP and an enjoyable listen.

Generation Graveyard are a band know where they want to go. They are still honing and developing their style. I do feel that this EP, as only their second release, demonstrates a very promising start to their musical career. They have a lot of potential and are a band with determination, ambition and energy. It will be interesting to see just how they develop.

'We Are The Empty' is due for release at the beginning of September.



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