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'Man: Instincts'
Mortal Music)

jools green

Jools Green

monsterworks man instincts

monsterworks, currently based In London but originally from New Zealand, have to date released seven full lengths since 2000, the most recent being the philosophically titled 'The God Album'. Strangely, until now I had not heard of them and now having heard them I can say they are very different from anything else I have listened to in so many ways.

Their music doesn't fit into one or even several genres or niches but seems to leap from one to another, in just one track, a dash of death Metal, a burst of stoner rock then a chunk of thrash. From what I am able to discover about this obscure, yet hugely musically prolific band is that this EP is the first release from an as yet unreleased album, also with the philosophical title, 'The Album Of Man'.

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My first listen to this three song, twelve minute EP, left me dazed and confused but having set it on repeat, by about the fourth listen I started to see it from their perspective and understand a little where they are coming from.

It's organic, fluid and easy to listen to but not at all lightweight. The second track, 'All Suns Die', has moments where it is both extreme in sound and manic in style. You could never accuse Monsterworks of being trend followers either as they seem to forge their own path and develop and evolve their sound as they go.

The vocals also encompass a broad spectrum of range, particularly so on the final track where it goes from a growl to a high pitched screech. Nevertheless their lyrics are clear so you get a firm definition of their message which is just as well because these guys approach some deep topics.

The band's mission statement sums up their music: "IMAGE IS NOTHING; METAL IS EVERYTHING".

They don't care if they are cool or fit in – anywhere or even if you like them. They just do what needs to be done, from their perspective, and if you like it, great, but don't expect them to compromise on your account. They do ease you into the sound gently, the opening track 'The Creation Dream' has an excellent acoustic beginning that builds sound layer upon sound layer of guitars and the wide range of styles combined within the construct are cleverly executed throughout.

Overall I have to say this is very good EP, different, interesting and innovative. You have to get past your preconceptions of what to expect. This band are boundary breakers and I suspect the reason I had not heard of them was that I was just not ready but after over ten listens I totally get it and I love it.

'Man: Instinct' is out now on Mortal Music.



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