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Jools Green

human cull

After a successful summer of tour dates and a positive reception to South West Grindcore trio Human Cull's full length release, 'Split Second Extinction', the band have now made the album available to stream.

You can stream the album by clicking here...

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In further Human Cull news, they also have a five track, split 7", with London based Oblivionized, called 'This Septic Isle'. The new tracks, 'Ignoring the Fact', 'Shitstorm of Disapproval', 'Disgusted', 'Assassinated' and 'Abandonment' continue in the same vein; extreme, fast and compact with no messing about and I have to say I have noticed a positive progression in the band's work since their previous release.

These five tracks definitely make for exciting listening. Although not released on vinyl until October, as a way of saying thanks to their fans who have supported them, these five tracks are also available to stream from this link.

Another project underway is a two way split cassette release with Homolka from Toronto, Canada. On this as yet unnamed release, Human Cull will be doing something slightly different and showing a side of the band that no one has heard before but which has been briefly hinted at in the 'Split Second Extinction' release. This will be available late 2012.

Their final project will be a four way UK Grind split 12" featuring Human Cull, Atomck, Vicious Bastard and Shoot The Bastard. This will be available in early 2013 but an exciting little snippet that I think is well worth a listen. Its available to stream from this link.

Human Cull will also be back out on the road in October for a mini tour:

Subvert 2012: A Festival of Resistance October 12-13, The Fleece Bristol.
London on October 14th at The Black Heart with: Kill The Client (US) + Feastem (Finland) + Wake (Canada) Human Cull + Oblivionized + Chemical Tomb + Self Loathing.
  Exeter at The Cavern on October 16th with Kill the Client.
Bristol at The Croft on October 17th with: Kill The Client (US) + Feastem (Finland) + More.
Finally at the Plymouth White Rabbit on October 19th with Monolithian.

Some great new tracks to listen to and if you are in any of the South West locations a few exciting gigs to choose from also. Star rating for tracks ★★★★☆



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