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Jools Green

masachist scorned

Polish death Metal five piece Masachist made a huge impression on me with their 2009 debut full length, 'Death March Fury', and have repeated that feat with their latest offering 'Scorned'. More complex and demanding than the debut release but equally as brutal and primal.

The technical element to their sound that is so typically of Polish is still there, along with their strong brutal edge, which is still maintained as a constant. The standard of quality is high also but as the band contains ex and current members of Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Vader, Decapitated and Azarath it's not surprising. These are seasoned musicians who know what they want to achieve and are determined to do so and to guarantee keeping me happy an excellent brutal vocal growl is provided by vocalist Pig (Anal Stench, ex-Decapitated).

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Album opener, 'Drilling The Nerves', wastes no time in unleashing Masachist's brand of brutality as crushing riffs courtesy of Thrufel and Aro rain down on the listener right from the opening moments.

'The Process Of Elimination' has an echoing quality to the riffs and interesting tempo changes on this technically clever track.

There is an intriguing style to 'Straight And Narrow Path', a mix of brutal riffs which are interspersed with a repeating bleak haunting guitar insert, also clever drum work from Daray (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Vader and Vesania) with a harsh yet extremely catchy groove running end to end.

'Manifesto (100% D.M.K.M.)' has an urgent pulsating quality to its rhythm, a blend of fast drumming and waves of intense, heavy riffs. Heinrich's (Vesania, ex-Decapitated) bass playing takes on quite a high profile in the overall sound on many of the tracks, particularly 'Higher Authority', adding much to the sound and texture of the tracks.

There is a very appealing, haunting intro to 'Opposing Normality' making track all the more exciting when the main body of sound hits you thirty seconds later.

'Liberation' is another track with a very hypnotic, catchy riff construction together with crashing cymbals and manic speed drum work overlaid on a distant, background choir like vocal, adding both depth and sinister mystery.

More distorted choral vocals on 'Liberation Part II', an atmosphere builder and excellent interlude before final marathon track 'Inner Void', a slow sinister opener that gradually builds in intensity with some amazingly powerful, heavy riffs that seem to bear down and crush you, such is their intensity, excellent harsh and abrasive vocals and further in vocal wails are woven into the construct as the song progresses, a long track but a complex and excellent album ender.

If like me, you love that brutal Polish death Metal sound you will love this, especially if you enjoy the work of the members previous bands, a more than worthy follow up to their debut release.

'Scorned' was recorded at Monroe Sound Studio, with final production touches by guitarist Aro. Out now on Selfmadegod Records




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