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'Tales From The Tomb'/'Dead Calm Chaos' Re-Releases
(Century Media Records)

jools green

Jools Green


In the early 90s Evocation were considered to be one of the one of more interesting of the many Swedish Death Metal of acts with their unique blend of the Stockholm and Gothenburg Death Metal sounds.

After splitting over musical differences they reformed in 2005 and released 'Tales From The Tomb' in 2007 and 'Dead Calm Chaos' in 2008, originally released on Cyclone Empire. In conjunction with the release of their 2012 album, 'Illusions Of Grandeur', these albums have been re released for our delectation.

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The first of the two albums, 'Tales From The Tomb', introduced the unique blend that set them aside from all the other bands of the time, a blend of melodic Death Metal but with an aggressive edge. 2007s offering is the rawer in sound of the two albums.

Album opener, the ominous atmosphere builder 'Eternal Lie', which forewarns you of what is to come, and first track 'The Dead', are awash with sinister aggression, an exciting start that is maintained throughout the album.

All twelve tracks are excellent and listenable from the slower tempo 'Chronic Hell' which builds and escalates as it progresses to 'From Menace To Mayhem' which has end to end catchy chugging riff and the vocals from Thomas Josefsson, which are an excellent snarling death growl throughout, are well demonstrated on this track.

The album also has an excellent cover of Entombed's classic track 'But Life Goes On'. The album ends with the up tempo 'The More We Bleed' which drops away in the final minute to a slower pace, allowing you to reflect and mull over the album.


The second album, 'Dead Calm Chaos', demonstrates a progression in the band's sound, less raw and with a polished edge it. The melodic, brutal blend is still there but the band in one year worked to hone their skills and style into this sharper finish but with the vocals still maintaining the excellent snarling growl as heard on 'Tales From The Tomb'.

The album opens with an atmosphere builder again, 'In The Reign Of Chaos', before moving to 'Silence Of Sleep' with its beautifully emotive solo towards the end. This album is also twelve excellent fully listenable tracks.

Personally I prefer the polished edge of this album although I know many people prefer the rawer sound of the first. I also think this album bounces off the success of the first and has a more confident feel and a chunkier depth to its construct.

Although no favourites because I love the whole album, there are many tracks which stick with you for their sheer catchiness, such as the fast tempo, chugging 'Angel Of Torment' or the slower emotive 'Dead Calm Chaos'.

Ending with 'Razored To The Bone', with a catchy title chorus that is guaranteed to stick in your mind and once again tailing off in a reflective manor in the final minute. The whole album is packed with variety, each track having a different slant and mood.


If you love Swedish Death Metal and didn't get the chance to get these albums first time around then they are definitely worth grabbing a copy of this time around. Evocation certainly put their unique twist on this genre.

Fourth album 'Illusions Of Grandeur' is out now in Europe or October 23rd in the US.



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