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'Wisdom of Centuries'

jools green

Jools Green

khors wisdom of centuries

Originally a trio but after the release of their first album, 'The Flame Of Eternity's Decline', Ukrainian Heathen black Metal band Khors added a rhythm guitarist to strengthen their sound. They have continued to build upon their sound with the release of their fifth full length, 'Wisdom Of Centuries' and the music across their five albums is inspired by the spiritual ancient world of their elder ancestors.

I found this an interesting album, broken up by four short instrumentals. The first, 'Through The Clouds Of The Past' is an atmospheric opener which builds the mood before moving almost seamlessly into 'Black Forests Flaming Eyes', a reflective and atmospheric track with a dark melodic edge to it that gradually builds in intensity as it progresses.

This is a long track broken up into segments by several tempo changes, keeping things interesting. The tortured emotive sound to the vocals I really enjoyed and they are sung in their native language which adds a mystery to the overall product, something I think that always sits well with black Metal.

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The next track, 'The Last Leaves' is a faster tempo, blackened track with a folk-influenced edge. The very catchy riffs within its construct make this a track to stick in your mind, probably my favourite track of the album.

Two back to back instrumentals, 'Where The Grandeur Of Mountains Embraces The Space', with ambient and atmospheric sounds and a simple drum beat and 'Horizons Glassy', which is gentle and guitar led, separate the first half of the album from the second.

Album title track 'Wisdom Of Centuries', has a slightly ominous sounding opening repeat pattern between drum and guitar. The tension builds as a very sinister vocal whisper that expands into a rasping growl is added to the mix. Raven squawks add extra atmosphere to what is another enjoyable and enthralling track.

A beautiful guitar opener greets you on 'Only Time Will Take It Away' before the strong tortured and emotive vocals kick in with a faster and more intense tempo, the track is broken up to maintain your interest by further switches between these two elements of the track's composition.

The final instrumental and closing track, the quiet sounding, ambient and calming 'Twilight', brings the album to a close.

An excellent album and one which I well be listening to a lot. 'Wisdom Of Centuries' is out now on Candlelight Records.




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