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Jools Green

saturnian dimensions

Although they released an EP, 'Reflections Of A Forlorn Sun', in 2009 'Dimensions' is the debut full length release from UK extreme symphonic Metal quintet Saturnian. The band describe their album as: "Although not strictly a concept album, it does have a recurring theme and the individual concepts within each song come together under one banner.

"'Dimensions' is the transformation and 'becoming' of a human being, the discovery of power and vision within oneself, known only to a chosen few. The songs range in subject from; dreams and astral projection, fourth dimensional theory, interstitial time, and hallucination, all culminating in the discovery of a greater power within."

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The album has a strong Norwegian black Metal influence, absolutely no complaints about that. Content wise, they are not offering anything particularly new or innovative but what they do is done very well, with a very high level of musicianship across the board and also a very high level of production, my only minor personal issue was the female operatic vocals, which appeared in great profusion on 'Aphhotic'.

I don't mind them as a background voice and there nothing wrong with them as such but I personally don't like female operatic vocals, particularly if they are overpowering or used as a lead vocal. However I thought the harsh, deep male vocals were excellent.

The album opens well with the intro, 'Construct Illusion', a haunting, very epic choral chant followed swiftly by 'Into Etheria', an excellent, fast classic symphonic black Metal track, very atmospheric and powerful as was also, 'Eternal Eclipse'.

About midway through the album the pace drops for the gentle, reflective 'Traces Of The Past'. Here the female vocals are much more subtle and the track breaks album up nicely before moving seamlessly into title track, the excellent 'Dimensions', which was almost my favourite of the album but on listening to the soaring and theatrical 'Origins Of The Future', the sinister 'The Immaculate Deception' and the majestically symphonic yet dark 'Wreathed In Flame', which I thought was an excellent album ender, I decided that the whole of the second half of the album was equally as good, possibly more so than the first half.

I did find myself being reminded of other similar artists and songs as I listened however getting things into perspective, this is Satunian's first album and there is a huge amount of talent and ability within this band so I am certain future releases will have much more of their own personal and unique stamp on them. As this stands it is still a very good first release.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Evile). 'Dimensions' is out now.

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