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'Galloping Blasphemy'
(Metal Blade Records)

jools green

Jools Green

satans wrath

Upon hearing claims that 'Galloping Blasphemy', the debut album from Satan's Wrath, promised to "deliver Satanic Necrometal drenched in sacrificial blood, relentless blasphemy, along with unholy sacraments of evil made by dwellers of the twilight, horrors that will make priests vomit in agony and abominations that the prophecies of old have kept hidden!!!", I had to find out if it were true, as such a tempting prospect is hard to resist.

The band consist of Tas Danazoglou, formerly of doom Metal heavies Electric Wizard, memorable for his tattooed face, on drums, bass and vocals and guitarist Stamos K. The guitar work from Stamos is pretty impressive, in fact the whole album is an absolute shred fest and Taz's vocals are as scary and as sinister as those facial tattoos, harsh, growly and downright evil, a perfect match made in Hell.

The vocals do sound as if they are coming from another room, and the production is a bit dirty but I quite like that, it adds to the overall effect of the album. A crisp production would ruin the sinister ambiance.

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The album consists of nine songs that amount to forty-one minutes of blackened thrash of old-school intensity and catchiness, the blackened element adding much interest and excitement to the overall product. I like this album a lot, but for me black and thrash' works so well as a genre mix and Satan's Wrath do it as well as anyone else.

The album has a sinister opening, with screams, a single repeat bass note and chants before the atmosphere and tempo builds and the excitement begins with the excellent 'Leonard Rising – Night Of The Whip' and continues right to the end of the album.

All the tracks are good but some are very good, such as the slower, more sinister beginning 'Between Belial And Satan' which picks up the pace about thirty seconds in. The goat noises and wailing guitars at the start of 'One Thousand Goats In Sodom' really added mood and atmosphere as well as raising a smile.

'Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer' is slower with a sinister very blackened groove to it. The only strange thing was it almost paused mid way through and then the remaining three minutes were pretty much an extended instrumental outro, slightly bizarre, but none the less enjoyable.

Although an instrumental, title track 'Galloping Blasphemy' was still interesting, exciting and up tempo with some fabulous guitar and drum work. Fast, frantic with a blood curdling opening scream pretty much sums up 'Death Possessed'. A blood curdling vocal gargle precedes the galloping rhythms of 'Death To Life' and a slow sinister bass starts 'Slaves Of The Inverted Cross' before the tempo picks up for an in your face blackened thrash attack and shred fest.

The final and self titled 'Satan's Wrath' has a bleak, dark feel in places to it's otherwise up beat rhythms, which made for an atmospheric end to an interesting album.

There is nothing quite so much fun as a good roll around in sacrificial blood, listening to relentless blasphemy and unholy sacraments of evil made by dwellers of the twilight and if you enjoy that as much as I do then you will love 'Galloping Blasphemy'. There are a few bizarre anomalies but nothing to spoil your enjoyment, it is up tempo, darkly up lifting and an enjoyable listen and out now on Metal Blade Records.

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