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'Evangelivm Necromantia'
(Metal Blade Records)

jools green

Jools Green

Antropomorphia Evangelivm Necromantia

Dutch Death Metal trio AntropomorphiA originally released their début album 'Pure' in 1998 but after putting the band on hiatus for a number of years they are finally back with their second full length, 'Evangelivm Necromantia'.

They have certainly progressed since 'Pure'. There is a greater depth to their sound and 'Evangelivm Necromantia' is also one of those albums that not only grows on you the more times you listen but also the further in you get the better the tracks seem to sound.

Beginning with 'Intro', a short atmosphere building piano piece with low growling, spoken vocals which then builds and flows seamlessly into 'Nekrophilian Mass' where the atmospheric build continues to grow, as does the tempo for a further minute but when the sound fully kicks in you just know these guys mean business.

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You come face to face with a thick, heavy guitar tone and trance inducing grinding riffs that are complemented by brutal, deep, gravelly vocals and aggressive drumming which forms the core sound of the album.

Following in the same vein, 'The Mourned And The Macabre' is awash with hypnotic spiralling riffs and tortured screams for added effect. 'Debauchery In Putrefaction' has a slow haunting opener which gradually builds in intensity with haunting riffs added towards the end. Followed by the intense, pounding 'Anointment By Sin'.

At this point the album for me becomes even more interesting and it's where I realise the best is still yet to come with 'Fleisch', the shortest track whose midway point tempo change gives this track much more variety and interest than its predecessors.

The level of excellence continues to rise with 'Impure Desecration', the doom laden intro, the sinister, slower tempo which builds as the track progresses. A skilled use of tempo and direction change and the extra layer of vocals culminating in a tortured scream make this track excellent listening.

'Psuchagogia' has a haunting repeat riff and catchy chorus. Dropping away at around the midway point and taking on an eerie feel, you wonder where the track will take you next when it picks back up the sound seems darker and more sinister and brings with it the welcome return of the haunting repeat riff. Another excellent track.

'Necrosophia''s catchy, chugging and spiralling riffs make this yet another excellent track that holds your interest.

I expected the album to end on a ferocious note but the final track, 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' is a long reflective single guitar piece that is gentle yet haunting and laced with thunderstorms. An eerie and interesting end to the album.

'Evangelivm Nekromantia' is raw, uncomplicated, old school death Metal with a sound that hasn't been over produced so that raw gritty feel is maintained to its fullest, resulting in an excellent album which is out now on Metal Blade Records.

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