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'Problems To The Answer'
(Earache Records)

jools green

Jools Green

sss problems

Formed in 2005, 'Problems To The Answer' is the third full length from crossover quartet S.S.S., from Liverpool. Twenty five tracks, totalling forty one minutes, mixing a blend of predominantly hardcore and thrash with a touch of grind and punk, S.S.S. epitomise the very definition of crossover with their ability to blend the genres into a unified sound so effectively and so well.

Further proof of their ability, the guest vocalist on the album, is Napalm Death's Barney Greenaway. Straight away you know the album has to be of a certain quality otherwise Barney wouldn't have gotten involved. The album opens like an all destroying whirlwind with, 'The Kill Floor', also the first to feature Barney's guest vocals.

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Seven of the tracks are under a minute long, yet packed with bags of energy and content; 'Out The Loop', 'Birdshit', 'Laughing Leads To Crying', 'White Bread', 'Direct Action', 'Painting By Numbers' and my favourite of all these very short sharp tracks 'What Would Cards Do?'.

I loved the whole album, but there were some which were, for me, stand out tracks, such as hardcore anthem, 'Eat Me, Drink Me, Burn Me'. Thrash-tastic, fast as hell, 'Sick Pleasures'. Excellent 'Man Against Man' beginning with a slower, ominous tempo, sinister whispering vocals, building as it progresses, the tempo constantly switching throughout, leaving to you wonder where it will go next, making it interesting, exciting and probably my favourite track of the whole album.

'Future Primitive' is an interesting and excellent four minute instrumental. 'Here Comes The Neighbourhood' sees the return of Barney on this drum led gem of a track. 'Speed Freaks', self explanatory and 'Dismantle the Dream', up tempo, chugging with a catchy repeat riff.

The album ends on a wildcard track, 'Strangenotes', an eight minute instrumental, which changes mood and contains so many different elements and segments, including piano, mood filled bass and drum work lending an almost jazz-like element at one point and a slightly psychedelic element further on. The track certainly lives up to its name as well as demonstrating the bands ability and creativity.

S.S.S. are masters of the short track, most on this album coming in at two minutes and under, yet they seem so much longer because of their well packed, clever construction. This is an excellent album from a band who still have lots more to offer and achieve, stuffed with energy and excitement end to end as well as standing as a testament to their ability, containing some excellent guitar and drum work as well as first rate vocals.

Excited by this album I can't wait to hear what future albums have to offer. Give it a listen, it will put a bit of excitement into your life too.

'Problems To The Answer' is out now on Earache Records.

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