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jools green

Jools Green


They have been gigging around since 2003, and I can certainly attest to them being able to 'cut it' live, so finally getting my hands on a copy of their debut self titled album was a moment of trepidation for me. How would this compare to their live performance?

I need not have worried; the gritty raw quality that makes their live performance so good is still there.

Guinness fuelled, south west heavy/stoner rock trio Grifter, influenced by 70s classic blues/rock, yet original and modern in their presentation, have previously produced a couple of EP's as predecessors to this excellent full length first album, which consists of eleven tracks and forty one-minutes of absolute kick ass heavy as hell rock, but with a fun, catchy and up tempo edge.

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Ollie Stygall's vocals are clean, powerful, with a husky edge to them, added to that you can expect some groove laden guitars, powerful drum work and lyrics that will make you smile.

Opening with 'Good Day For Bad News', a fast and furious track with a catchy repeat riff. 'Alabama Hotpocket' is sleazy but fun and if you want to know what the song is all about then go Google it, Haha!!

I love the groove to 'Asshole Parade'. The lyrics to 'Strip Club' will raise a wry smile. 'Young Blood, Old Veins' has a slow opening groove which picks up as the track progresses and I love the vocal harmonies.

On 'Bucktooth Woman,' the rising and falling riffs make for a catchy, dirty groove with more amusing lyrics to make you smile. 'Preacher And The Devil' has a real Southern groove to its construct and a drawl to the vocals. I particularly loved the drum work on this track also. 'Bean' has a dirty sleazy groove running through it.

Throughout 'Piss and Gas', the exciting twist and turns in tempo make this an interesting and well constructed track with the added bonus of the return of those excellent vocal harmonies. A repeat riff lends a catchy groove to 'Unwelcome Guest'. Finally the pace drops away for the last track, the slower acoustic led, 'Gone Blues', reflective and emotive in nature with blues influenced slide work, a great album ender.

This is an excellent album, catchy, groove rich and addictive so whenever my ears need a rest from my usual, joy bringing, face ripping, audio carnage this is my album of choice. No favourite tracks either, all are of the same catchy, infectious quality. Get a copy and by the second listen I guarantee you will be singing along.

'Grifter' is out now on Ripple Music and available from: and

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