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'Nekrofeist' EP
(Independent Release)
Release Date: May 2010

Richard Hall

richard hall


Nekrofeist are an Australian thrash Metal band consisting of Dave Tinelt (vocals), Damon Bishop (guitar), Paul Gilroy (drums) and Rob Giles (bass).

The line up came together in 2008 and the band soon found themselves putting out two iTunes singes and recording videos to accompany the songs. The videos were well received and had heavy rotation on Australian TV, Rage and MTV Classic.

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In 2009 they went into the studio to record their first EP. In May 2010 the EP was out in Australia and available via iTunes. The EP was well received by the Australia Music Press and given plenty of radio airplay.

The band have received a number of plaudits and quite frankly I'm not surprised at all. From the open riff to the final chord of this EP the band show just how versatile they are. All four songs are classic thrash songs which don't actually sound like anyone I've heard before... but also sound so familiar!

The EP opens with 'Dominiputris' and starts off in fine style with a bass intro that leads into a crunching, groove based, aggressive guitar riff. Dave's vocals come in and we get a taste for his low range, gravely vocals which are delivered with an emotion missing from so many bands these days. Finally the drumming on this track is excellent, Paul seems to want to smash his kit up but is as solid as they come.

Everything slows down and get less aggressive when 'Destroyed' comes in. This song is probably my favourite on the EP. The opening is a slow tension building piece slowly picking up speed into the main riff. It's then a little standard – quiet bit, loud bit, repeat. However then a bridge comes in complete with some military style snare drum work and the riff and vocals following the same rhythm. This really changes the song, sounds fantastic and makes the overall song that bit more interesting. It does repeat the structure but it keeps the listener entertained and it start to show that the band have different sides to their playing and writing.

Next up we get 'Choke' which is a groove based track with a main riff that has you nodding your head from the start. It's not quite as interesting as the previous two tracks but is well written and sounds great.

The last track is 'Government Ruins'. This is probably the fastest track on the EP and it's a straight forward thrasher of a track, opening with some nice effective guitar and drum work. The vocals again show that Dave has a strong voice with an impressive range. As the song progresses there is some nice double bass drum work underpinning the guitar work.

As I said at the start this band sound different but also familiar there are sounds of influences from the likes of Anthrax, Pantera and Megadeth but they have taken these influences and created their own sound and I love it.

There is only one thing wrong with the EP for me... it's only four tracks!

The band have an album due out this year and I'm looking forward to hearing it and hoping that at some point soon they manage to get to the UK for some live shows.



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