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michael foley

As a gentleman of advancing years, I've been into music longer than I care to, or even can remember. I love all kinds of music, but my first love has always been Rock, especially the bluesy sounds of Led Zeppelin, Free, UFO, Whitesnake etc.

I'm loving many of the new Metal bands that have cropped up in the past few years, but really I'll give anything ago. As long as it rocks, makes me think, or just gets my jumping about like a loon, then it's good for me!

7 October 2014: The Pineapple Thief: 'Magnolia'
8 September 2014: The Temperance Movement: Holmfirth Picturedrome
28 August 2014: Touchstone: 'Live Inside Outside' (CD/DVD + EP)
1 December 2013: The Temperance Movement: Club Academy, Manchester
26 November 2013: Wille And The Bandits: The New Continental, Preston
30 September 2013: The Graveltones: 'Don't Wait Down'
23 September 2013: The Temperance Movement: 'The Temperance Movement'
16 September 2013: Anneke Van Giersbergen: 'Drive'
29 August 2013: Touchstone: 'Oceans Of Time'
23 August 2013: Touchstone: 'Flux'
25 June 2013: The Tangent: 'Le Scare du Travail'
19 June 2013: Noterminus: 'Haselupker's Ink'
19 June 2013: Delain: 'Interlude'
28 May 2013: Sound Of Contact: 'Dimensionaut'
18 April 2013: Rival Sons: 53 Degrees, Preston
10 April 2013: Spocks Beard: 'Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep'
21 February 2013: Blood Red Shoes: 'The Water'
27 December 2012: Best Of 2012
14 December 2012: Tonight Alive: 'What Are You So Scared Of?'
2 September 2012: Ian Hunter And The Rant Band: 'When I'm President'
28 July 2012: Gentlemans Pistols: 'Gentlemans Pistols'
18 July 2012: The Flower Kings: 'Banks Of Eden'
11 July 2012: Interview With Gary Moat Of Mother's Ruin
12 June 2012: Rich Robinson: 'Through A Crooked Sun'
17 May 2012: Arjen Anthony Lucassen: 'Lost In The New Real'
3 May 2012: 'This Dirty Swamp' Album Launch: The Wellington, Preston
12 April 2012: Counting Crows: 'Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)'
3 April 2012: Touchstone: 'Mad Hatters', 'Discordant Dreams', 'Wintercoast'
21 March 2012: Kissin' Dynamite: 'Money, Sex & Power'
23 February 2012: Heather Findlay: 'The Phoenix Suite'


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