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'Money, Sex & Power'
(EMI Germany/AFM/Soulfood)
Release Date: March 26th 2012

Michael Foley

michael foley

Money! Sex! Power! Well, I can't comment on money and power but hair metallers Kissin' Dynamite are certainly oozing the ole' sexiness from every pore on this new album! From the title track through to 'Sex Is War', 'She's A Killer', and 'Sleaze Deluxe', it's clear that this bare chested, tight trousered, young German band are out to have FUN, and this comes through in every track.

kissin dynamite money sex and power

This is good-time Metal music that harks back to era when it was all about fast women and fast solos before Mr Cobain forgot to buy his hairspray.

Musically it sounds modern but it definitely has a 1980s feel with great screaming vocals and some strong riffs throughout. And one song, 'Dinosaurs Are Still Alive', sounds like a statement of intent, celebrating the old ideals of Rock as a vehicle for having A Good Time!

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Lyrically the songs are mainly about having a hedonistic party and even 'Club 27', which commemorates the early deaths of the likes of Jimi Hendrix, et al, sounds like a great party rather than a wake.

The lead song, 'Money, Sex & Power', is just plain rampant and celebrates, er, Money, Sex & Power, and I must say they do sound enjoyable pass-times. There is nothing profound or deep here, just good time rock lyrics, which should appeal to the inner-teenager in us all!

As mentioned, the songs do have a 80s sound to them, but brought up to date with a crisp production that lets each player's contribution be clearly followed in the mix. The riffs are memorable and the songs are catchy and stay in the head long after the album has finished. These guys know how to write a hook laden tune or two and there are some great sing-a-long choruses to be found here.

Hannes, the singer, has a great voice, and sings with enthusiasm and charisma throughout the album. He has a distinctive voice, sounding a bit like the love child of David Bowie and Bruce Dickinson, and that's a compliment.

Lead guitarist Jim plays excellently throughout with some great screaming solos and some catchy powerful riffs emanating from his nimble fingers.

Ande on second guitar, plus the rythmn section of bassist Steffen and drummer Andreas, provide a solid bedrock for the songs. They may be barely out of their teens but they are a very tight sounding band. I can see these chaps going far, especially if they can keep up this level of enthusiasm and gain a little maturity.

kissin dynamite

In conclusion this is a highly enjoyable album that is great fun for leaping around and playing air guitar to in the privacy of one's own home. It's got everything that boozy party music needs... fast fingered guitar, screaming vocals, frantic drumming, riffs that shake your moneymaker, and as much spandex as you can eat!

Hannes Braun (vocals)
Jim Müller (guitar)
Ande Braun (guitar)
Steffen Haile (bass)
Andreas Schnitzer (drums)

01. Money, Sex & Power
02. I Will Be King
03. Operation Supernova
04. Sex Is War
05. Club 27
06. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
07. She's A Killer
08. Sleaze Deluxe
09. Ego-Shooter
10. Six Feet Under

Bonus on Ltd. Edition Digipak:
My Name Is Hanniball (bonus track)
Money, Sex & Power (video clip)
I Will Be King (video clip)



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