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'Flux' (radio edit)
(Hear No Evil Recordings/Cherry Red Records)
Release Date: September 9th 2013.

Michael Foley

michael foley


Every time I pay a visit to the supermarket, there is a charming lady handing out morsel' of food or drink which are invariably tempting enough to leave you craving more.

'Flux', the new download single from Touchstone, is the musical counterpart to such tasty delights, as it gives a taste of the forthcoming album 'Oceans Of Time' without spoiling your appetite for more.

Clocking in at a mere three and a half minutes 'Flux' is an exhilarating blast of prog-tinged hard rock, which leads off with a few seconds of techno influenced keyboards from Rob Cottingham, before Adam Hodgson kicks some serious arse with an instantly memorable guitar riff, powered along the strong rhythm section of Moo Bass and drummer Henry Rogers.

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The main melodic hooks are courtesy of Kim Seviour, who on this tune sounds a little like 'White Rabbit' era Grace Slick, in so much as she has a similar mix of power and grace (sorry...) in her vocal style. All good stuff by my reckoning!

Given enough exposure this great little tune has the potential to be a definite radio hit; it's heavy enough for the rock stations, yet melodic enough for Radio Two. Come on Whiley, give it a spin!


I give 'Flux' a well deserved four and a half pints, for it's a memorable song played with skill and passion, and is an essential purchase if you are a fan. If you have not heard Touchstone before, but love Metal, prog, or just like a good tune, then give 'Flux' a listen. You'll love this tasty treat, and be hungry for more. Me? I'm starving!

P.S the album version is quite a different beast. Want to know more? Watch this space... ;-)




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