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Dr Hell commented on joining the editorial team: "My journalism credentials are zilch. One of my friends got a 'top tip' published in Viz once! Does that count? I guess not. But I am a huge music fan, especially rock and Metal and I have been listening to it for a good 20 years. Besides, who wouldn't wanna hear the mad ramblings and skewed opinions of an ageing wannabe parody Metal rock star? No-one! Or is it everyone? Exactly! I don't know... Like I said, writing isn't my thing... Get off my case already!

"So, I think it will be jolly nice for everyone to be subjected to a short little video review hosted by myself (and probably Brother Pain as my co-host) once or twice a month. We'll give the MetalTalk community exclusive insight into some of the things that are going on in our heads when we listen to some albums that they may or may not be interested in. We can't promise to be nice to anyone or even that the reviews won't degrade into some sort of argument about something else utterly unrelated. But we promise that we're doing this for all the right reasons...

"In the words of Dave Ellefson, 'I'm in this business for the reason that Megadeth is in this business and that is because of attitude, integrity and the music'. But we're not in Megadeth obviously... and I'm not sure how much integrity we have... But at least I quoted someone! That's kind of like journalism! Well fuck you then... I tried."


9 November: Vanderbuyst: 'The Flying Dutchmen'
18 July: Moonloop: 'Deeply From The Earth'
24 April: Gory Blister: 'Earth Sick'
2 April: Thunderkraft: 'Totentanz'


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