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'Wall Street'
(Frontiers Records)

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

Wig Wamania is back in 2012 with the album 'Wall Street'. It's the follow up to 'Non Stop Rock N' Roll' which was released in 2009. The Norwegian glam band return with hooks, melodies, and big choruses that have propelled them to have top hit singles on national charts.

wigwam wall street

'Wall Street' is the fourth studio release from Glam (vocals), Teeny (guitars), Flash (bass), and Sporty (drums) and it does not disappoint.

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The title track opens up the album which showcases the Wig Wam sound. Slick production with catchy guitar riffs that slams you into hook filled choruses with layered harmonies and melodic appeal.

Tracks 'OMG! (I Wish I Had A Gun)', 'Bleeding Daylight', and 'The Bigger The Better', along with 'Wall Street' are classic glam gems. The song I keep coming back to is 'One Million Enemies'. It's a rocking funkadelic, yes... funkadelic, song with a killer guitar lick, slamming bass and electronics thrown into the mix. It rocks hard with a fantastic groove that drops you into an anthem of a chorus.

The album is rounded out with more up tempo cuts and a couple of ballads and an instrumental. Wig Wam delivers an album that is high energy and constant fun with songs that are tailored made to stick in your head.

If you'rre a fan of melodic rock, hair Metal, sleeze Metal, pop Metal, or whatever genre people choose to put Wig Wam in, pick up 'Wall Street' as it's a fun trip.



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