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'Open Your Eyes To Society'
(Mortal Records)

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

Athel are an alt-rock power trio from Chicago, Illinois that have just dropped their full-length album debut full of hooks and vocal melodies that run the line between rock, pop, alternative, punk, and Metal. The new album is called "Open Your Eyes To Society".

athel open your eyes

The group is comprised of singer and guitarist Justin King, bass player Comron Fouladi, and drummer Christian Navarro. Although the band members are barely out of their teens, you get the feeling that the band are veterans of the music scene.

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Songs are well written and the performances are vocally and musically solid. The package is mastered by CKY's Chad Ginsburg and the production reflects the songs strengths.

This album covers a lot of ground, from the straight up rockers like 'Radio' and 'These Are The Times' to the alt pounding of 'All That I Am' and 'Paranormal Of The Abstract'.

'Their Shoes' and 'Me, Myself & I' ride the wave of pop punk.

The track that sums up what Athel is about and what Athel can deliver is 'Kara's Carousel'. It's a song that has universal appeal. With a strong melodic line, unforgettable hook in the chorus, and a rocking guitar riff, you've got something special.

The final result of this album is a superb blend of styles that cover many rock genres but always maintain melodic sensibilities and hooks.

Check out Athel and the new album 'Open Your Eyes To Society'.



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