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shadows chasing ghosts lessons

London's Shadows Chasing Ghosts return with the follow up to the 2010 release 'The Golden Ratio' with the new album 'Lessons'. They exist in a crowded and competitive genre of melodic metalcore and while the album doesn't break any new ground, it's a good representation of what the genre has to offer.

'Lessons' incorporates razor sharp guitars with aggressive verses that drop into anthemic melodies in the chorus. They utilize screaming, growling, and clean vocals giving the album various textures and feeling throughout the thirteen tracks.

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'Splinter' lays the pace of the first half of the album with verse laden screaming into crashing choruses with oversized hooks. Guitars blister at a extreme pace along with a pounding assault of a driving rhythm section. There is not a lot of change of direction early in the album as you rip through 'Now Or Never', 'Rest Easy' and the single 'The Hunter'.

The further you dig into this album the better it gets as the songs get stronger on the back half of this release. The title track contains the most dulcet chorus of the bunch while 'Lose The Attitude' is three minutes of both brilliant rage and hooks.

The ballad 'The Lighthouse' is a pleasant and unexpected change of pace that shows the band can branch out but not lose its identity. Saving the best for the last, 'The Writer' shows the depth and strength of Shadows Chasing Ghosts. From the power of the galloping verses, to the vocal hook and emotional soulful breakdown that pulls you into a layered harmony vocal as the song fades out.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts are Trey Tremain (vocals), Danny Green (bass) Danny Coy (drums), Matt Jones (guitar and vocals) and Jack Mackrill (guitar and vocals).

The release of 'Lessons' shows not only the bruising power of the band, but a sense of melodic structure that ties the chaos together. It's a strong statement from a band that continues to fight to be heard.



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