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As I Lay Dying Awakened

As I Lay Dying return with their sixth studio album, 'Awakened'. With every release you are going to get pure injected power, blast beats, intricate guitar riffs, and dynamic tempos. This album is everything you would expect from a seasoned band continuing to perfect its sound.

'Cauterize' opens the eleven track release with an urgency to start the jackhammer pace and assault of sound that rips through this album. It's a perfect blend of unforgiving power colliding into a driving chorus. It's As I Lay Dying at the top of their game.

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'A Greater Foundation' is an immediate standout as it strikes with a bombastic gang vocal chorus and chugging guitars to match the guttural vocals. 'Resilience', 'Wasted Words', and 'No Lungs To Breathe' stick close to the formula and cater to the classic foundations of Metalcore.

After a bruising first four tracks, the velocity is momentarily slowed for the hook laden 'Whispering Silence'. It's melodic from the opening riff and stands apart from the openers. It flows into the moody intro of 'Overcome' before the aggression resurfaces as it pounds into a chorus nothing short of an anthem.

The opening bass line and killer sound has 'Defender' sounding like a vintage thrash song as the rhythm guitar comes in with a blistering solo riding its wave. It also features clean vocals in the verses as opposed to just the chorus. The album closes with 'My Only Home' and 'Tear Out My Eyes'. Following the formula, both feature vocal shifts and combative verses interlining with strong melody lines.

'Awakened' is a leap forward from past records with emphasis on memorable hooks giving songs instant appeal. By design, there is nothing unexpected or revolutionary throughout the eleven tracks. This release was created by a band content with their style. They have kept their feet firmly cemented in the metalcore genre with crushing aggression that have carried them to over a decade of success.

Tim Lambesis - Vocals
Nick Hipa - Guitars
Phil Sgrosso - Guitars
Josh Gilbert - Bass
Jordan Mancino - Drums




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