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'Songs For The End Of The World'
(Frontiers Records)

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

rick springfield

At age 63 Rick Springfield may have constructed one of his finest releases with 'Songs For The End Of The World'. It's a masterpiece of harmonious rock with massive hooks and melodies that revolve around well-crafted lyrics and song structures. Surprisingly it"s a diverse group of songs but the album streamlines together and feels cohesive. Production matches the strength of the material. Sonically the album provides an array of sounds with layers of instruments and vocals.

The opening cut is a rocker. 'Wide Awake' blazes with a riff that hits with energy and attitude powering through the song. It's a perfect track displaying the characteristic Springfield power pop appeal but mixed with a very modern rock vibe. 'Our Ship's Sinking' follows and erupts with a sing-along chorus. The fun continues with the ready for radio 'I Hate Myself'. Built on a dirty simple riff that collides with a wall of guitars and gang vocals for another sing-along chorus.

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The pace slows with ballads 'You And Me' and the acoustic foundation of 'Gabriel'. Both feature layered guitars and vocals that bring out lyrical strength and emotion. 'A Sign Of Life' is a modern pop gem and the heavy and dark track 'My Last Heartbeat' is a stand out with massive effects and modern sound.

Up-tempo and vast choruses return in 'Joshua' and 'Love Screws Me Up', taking you back to the eighties with the sound and delivery. Another gloomy ballad, 'I Found You', leads into the brilliant 'Depravity'. It"s a rocking intense groove filled track with an influential chorus. The closer 'One Way Street' is an inspirational anthem with an infectious beat.

Rick Springfield brings a lush collection of pop bliss throughout this album. He still writes songs chalk full of hooks that are memorable from the first spin.

'Songs For The End Of The World' doesn't try to invent the wheel or try to be a trend setter in modern music. It doesn't depend on gimmicks or overproduction to make the songs more interesting. It's simply the effort of a man making some of the best music of his career relying solely on performance and strength of songs.




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