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'Welcome To The Freakshow'

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

hinder welcoem to the freak show

Hinder has made a living by being radio rock friendly. Following on the heels of Nickelback, Hinder has forged a name for themsleves by keeping things a bit lighter and simpler. Songs are fueled by sex and alcohol, mindless lyrics, big hooks delivered with attitude. It's a recipe Hinder continues as they prepare to release their fourth album 'Welcome To The Freakshow'. This record is full of party anthems with a fair share of ballads to fully reach mass appeal.

The first single, 'Save Me', opens the album with a strong bass heavy groove surrounded by a cigarette laden vocal line pulling toward the hook and power punched chorus. The signature Hinder anthem sound is in full display showing just how this Oklahoma City band has achieved multiplatinum success. The infectious 'Ladies Come First' follows and delivers a strong catchy melody that drives the song.

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Two traditional power ballads, 'You Should Have Known Better' and 'I Don't Want To Believe', features a piano intro that works into the climactic chorus and hook. Acoustic guitars drive 'Get Me Away From You', 'Anyone But You', and the up-tempo balled 'Talk To Me'.

The catchiest song, 'Is It Just Me', trends more to the pop side of things. It's a nice change of pace both in tempo and overall sound that isn't found anywhere else on the record. The title track 'Freakshow' is a hidden gem buried among the ballads. Cruising guitar riffs and a chorus soaked with raw vocal attitude. It's a gritty and dirty rock-n-roll anthem. A couple of rockers, 'See You In Hell' and 'Wanna Be Rich', round the album out.

'Welcome To The Freakshow' is 100% Hinder. All the familiar ingredients used to make the previous albums are again utilized to the maximum degree creating a record fitting nicely into the Hinder catalog. The overall flow of this record is hampered by a surplus of ballads breaking momentum.

Five of the eleven songs are ballads of various types. At times this record tries too hard to achieve commercial success through the standard rock-n-roll clichés.

I would have liked to see Hinder expand and explore new territories on this fourth album instead of making the same album as the previous three.




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