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One of the huge difficulties for any band hailing from Plymouth is that hardly anyone seems to know where it is. Thank f!*king god then for Heavy Metallers Huron who hail from this neck of the woods and are doing a damn brilliant job of putting the South West on the map as home to a seriously thriving rock and Metal scene.

2012 is proving to be an exciting year for the band with their third release, a four track EP titled 'War Party' and an appearance at the recent Download festival which surely must count as the pinnacle of the band's success to date. Guitarist Rimmy Sinclair tells Metaltalk.Net about the experience...

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Hello Huron, before we get going please introduce us to the Huron line up...

"Huron are myself (Rimmy Sinclair) and Neil Sims on Guitars, Rohan James on Bass, Rory Conroy on Drums and Sean Palmer on Vox."

It's been busy and hectic times for the band this year, you've just played Download festival; that must have been a real buzz for the band. How did this gig come about?

"Since day one it was Huron's ambition to play Download! Years of rehearsals, writing, recording and touring made Huron the animal it is! At the end of last year we signed with Black Radar Management who has helped push us in the right direction."

It must have been a daunting gig, were there pre-gig nerves?

"There were a lot of emotions flying around, but I think the energy was definitely positive. We couldn't wait to get up there!"

Did you stay for the whole festival and mix with other bands backstage?

"On the day of the show we hung around and met the other bands who were on the bill which was great, and we camped it up until Saturday morning, but we're so busy writing and recording the follow up to 'War Party', we went straight back into writing mode!"

Best bits to remember about playing Download?

"The pits! The crowd was insane! The bit I'll never forget is when we get our flag made by fans and friends who came all the way out from Ireland! That was a good feeling."

Bits you would rather forget?

"I'd happily repeat every single moment of it!"

What other festivals are lined up for 2012?

"We are playing the Bulldog Bash Biker festival, and then we're literally straight off to Bloodstock Open Air! We've got an awesome summer coming up! Let's hope there's a bit more sunshine though, haha!"

And onto your third release, the fopur track EP, 'War Party'. Talk us through the tracks?

"'Fight For Your Life' is one that I think lyrically is very personal to Sean, but for me it's all about the high octane energy that Huron brings, and it's a helluva lot of fun to play too!

"'Room 174' is about the tragic story of Lisa McPherson, and her life and death associated with the Scientology movement. It's a very sad and moving story and we wanted the song to reflect that, those feelings of fear, anger and sadness.

"'Bite The Kerb' was the very first song that came of Huron becoming a five piece band and I think that is reflected in the song itself. There's more harmony parts, there's more shred, but that wasn't done intentionally. It's like adding another instrument to an orchestra. It adds a whole other element. And lyrically it's just brutal!

"'Mercy Killing' is really the evolution Huron optimised. With Huron already having established a sound with 'Mary Celeste', and then Rohan and I coming over from a death Metal band, there was an instant chemistry. None of the writing or arranging this EP has felt forced; it was very natural. This song took the longest to arrange though. So many ideas were flying around, it was harder to decide what should and shouldn't be part of the tune."

This is self released. What's the reason for that?

"It was the most natural thing to do. We're doing things our way, taking on each challenge and opportunity as it arises. The follow up, 'War Party II' will be self-released as well. 'War Party' is available through a secure link on our Facebook page, or directly at"

Within the Metal genre there are many sub cultures like thrash/death/industrial etc. Which best describes Huron?

"Post-Ironic-Guttural-Slamming-Blackened-Pagan-Neostructuralist-Minimal-Progressive-Power-Groove-Crabcore. Haha! I say we're a heavy Metal band! Everyone in the band has a personal taste in music and flair in their musicianship that they bring to the rehearsal room and the stage."

If Huron could go on tour with five other bands, what would be the perfect line up for you?

"Now that's a toughie! Devin Townsend, Devildriver, Arch Enemy, Opeth and Megadeth for me."

Sex drugs rock and roll. Are Huron living the dream yet?

"We've had an incredible summer so far and it's just gonna get better. Hopefully we'll see everyone out on tour soon!"

Tell readers of MetalTalk.Net something you'd be embarrassed for your mothers to read about life on the road for Huron.

"Hah! We eat a LOT of Burger King! That and a few snorted Jagermeisters that won't be forgotten too soon..."



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