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Yo! I'm Xander. My reviews won't have any big words; I'm by no means qualified, educated nor see myself as a "writer". What I write comes from what I hear and feel, hopefully with a balanced blend of professional neutrality and personal musings. I have no boundaries of taste, I just love music to be inspiring, passionate, groovy, rocking, melodic, catchy and it helps not to take things too seriously.

About me: when it comes to the music industry I've been a bit of a mongrel dabbling in photography, promotions, drumming (Badaxe, Kid Klumsy, TNT), writing (PureRawk, MetalTalk), radio (TotalRock), roady (Tank, TesseracT, Starseed, Monuments) and PR (IIIrd Alternative). I am passionate for live and unsigned music and support as much as I can where possible. I'd love to say I'm always at the front of a gig - but I don't really wanna be 'that guy' standing on his own at the front! Maybe you should all stand with me..?

If you want to stalk me, search yellowxander on twitter and

Peace \m/

3 September 2014: UK TechFest 2014: Newark County Showground
2 September 2014: Kobra And The Lotus: 'High Priestess'
14 April 2014: D-A-D, '77, Taras: The Garage, Highbury, London
10 April 2014: Interview With Amaranthe
2 March 2014: Nekrogoblikon/Baby Godzilla: Kerrang! Tour 2014: UEA Norwich
1 March 2014: Interview WIth Tarja
25 February 2014: Woland: 'Hyperion'
11 February 2014: Nekrogoblikon: 'Power'
11 February 2014: Destrange: 'Are You Kidding Me? No'
17 January 2014: Cilice: UK Tech-Metal Fest Triple Threat: Interview, Live Review And Album Review
5 January 2014: Týr: 'Valkyrja'
5 January 2014: Avatarium: 'Avatarium'
10 December 2013: Satyricon: 'Satyricon'
10 December 2013: American Head Charge/RSJ: The Met Lounge, Peterborough
18 November 2013: Interview With Kobra Paige Of Kobra And The Lotus
13 November 2013: Kobra And The Lotus/Santa Cruz: Rock City, Nottingham
21 October 2013: Interview With Turisas
16 October 2013: Turisas, Revoker, Astrohenge: Rock City, Nottingham
7 October 2013: Interview With Finntroll: Epic Studios, Norwich
7 October 2013: Interview With Tyr: Epic Studios, Norwich
7 October 2013: Interview With Skálmöld: Epic Studios, Norwich
4 October 2013: Finntroll + Týr + Skálmöld: Epic Studios, Norwich
1 October 2013: Mekanism: 'The End Of Fear' EP
26 September 2013: Sabaton: 'Swedish Empire Live' (Audio)
19 September 2013: IIIrd Alternative: 'IIIA'
13 September 2013: Shining: 'One One One'
28 August 2013: Turisas: 'Turisas 2013'
25 July 2013: The Colour Line: UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013 Triple Threat Review
24 July 2013: Cold Night For Alligators: UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013 Triple Threat Review
19 July 2013: Red Enemy: UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013 Triple Threat Review
24 May 2013: Six Reasons Why Simon Hall Is The Greatest Rockstar In The World Today
21 May 2013: Uneven Structure: 'Eight'
21 May 2013: Obsessive Compulsive: 'Seculo Seculorum'
20 May 2013: Trying To Make Sense Of Download 2013
10 May 2013: Enochian Theory: 'Life... And All It Entails'
26 April 2013: Vanir: 'Onwards Into Battle'
12 April 2013: The Moth Gatherer: 'A Bright Celestial Light'
10 April 2013: Alabama Black Snakes: 'Shake It Like The Lord Ain't Watching'
6 March 2013: The Omega Experiment
1 January 2013: Interview With Tesseract
24 December 2012: Best Of 2012
9 November 2012: Interview With Devin Townsend
31 October 2012: The Devin Townsend Project Live Review
25 October 2012: King Of Asgard: '...To North'
25 October 2012: KoRn: 'Live at The Hollywood Palladium'
14 September 2012: The 69 Eyes: 'X'
28 August 2012: Monuments: 'Knosis'
3 August 2012: Eluveitie: 'The Early Years'
21 July 2012: Slipknot: 'Antennas To Hell'
11 July 2012: The Agonist: 'Prisoners'
3 July 2012: Copenhell Festival 2012
31 May 2012: My Ten Years At Download Festival


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