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'...To North'
(Metal Blade)



king of asgard

King Of Asgard has been on MT Towers' review list for a couple of weeks now and has been calling to me like a big fat chip on someone's plate. So I thought, "OK, I'll just have a quick look online to see what they sound like". After the second note I was sold!

The note in question is from the intro of the album. The first note being in question form by strike of the guitars, the response being a bellowing blow of horns resembling the 'great horn of Helm Hammerhand' (Lord Of The Rings) - oh yeah, gotta check that out! Que some chanting/marching style percussion to lead into first track 'The Nine Worlds Burn'. Starting off quite folk Metal as you'd expect but after thirty seconds taking a turn blast beating into blackened death Metal!

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King Of Asgard: 'The Nine Worlds Burn'

So I fell for a trap thinking this would be a viking metal band, but after the initial shock and getting my head into another frame of mind I was able to enjoy this whole album thoroughly and straight off I can say that if you're into Satyricon and a bit of folk, you will like King Of Asgard. The music is quite riff based, so quite melodic with catchy hooks resonating with occasional Mastodon tones, very much proven in track two - 'The Dispossessed'.

'Gap Of Ginnungs' stands out massively, I'm kind of at a loss of how to describe it. It's got a great riff and melody with a kick ass solo, that any good? Yeah that doesn't do it justice but same again with the next track, 'Bound to Reunite', wicked riff at a slower pace. 'Nordvegr' starts off almost identical to Slayer's 'Dead Skin Mask' but then of course kicking into the BDM. Again another good track this time with a positive attitude about it, singing; 'never give up on the old ways'.

king of asgard

'Up On The Mountain' starts giving us the old folk sing along but then swings around into a little groovy bouncy number showing us how diverse this little band from Sweden can be, whilst 'Plague-Ridden Rebirth' stands out as the albums heaviest track, heavy on the riff and heavy on the blast and clocking in at 7.22, the longest track on the record.

'Harvest' carries on with a practically identical melody to the previous track but hanging on the folk side of things. This leaves us with the title track '...To North', an instrumental lead by piano and again almost carrying on from the previous track, how many ways can you play the same riff!? Well, as it turns out, three!

A solid buy for anyone into any of the aforementioned styles.

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