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'Shake It Like The Lord Ain't Watching'
(ATO for USA, Rough Trade for UK)



alabama black snakes

I first caught this band supporting Sack Trick at their annual christmas gig in Roskilde, Denmark, in 2011. Mounting the stage in full western style outfits - denims, checkered shirts and cowboy hats, well that straight away tells you what this band is about, but a Danish country band, will they be any good? Do the Danes know southern rock? Or even country? I thought they were all about viking and Heavy Metal...

Well they have a harmonica player so they're sure gonna make the effort and you know what, they kick ass, very well written and crucially well performed. This band did what most band would probably struggle to achieve, they got every one dancing, it was addictive to jig along to the southern booze rock n roll blues and you couldn't help but grin from ear to ear - well I couldn't anyway, especially when they proceed to hand out free drink!

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So let's talk about the band's second release - 'Shake It Like The Lord Ain't Watching'. Initially I felt the LP was a little more laid back to what I remember seeing, but the more I listen to it the more the grooves and rhythms perk me up and before you know it the nine tracks are over, I certainly have a thirst for more and have no qualms about listening twice in a row.

Alabama Black Snakes: 'Maker Break Me'

Style wise I'm struggling to compare as whilst I like southern rock and bits of country, I'm lacking the knowledge! So I could say it's heavier than Johnny Cash, more country than Clutch and Skynyrd, but I am seriously clutching at straws here. I'm afraid you need to find out for yourself but if anything I've mentioned interests you then Alabama Black Snakes won't disappoint!

alabama black snakes

So first track, 'Drinking With Myself', is blues orientated and with no holding back, 'Lightening And Opossums' takes things up a notch to an almost spaghetti western rock, maybe a hint of Primus there. 'Underdog' displays the bands ability to wind things down, you could certainly imagine this track in a Tarantino film with it's Shadows-esque country guitar.

The album continues with great guitar and harmonica melodies and sing along chorus chants, a great example being 'Save The Boogie'. 'Lord Have Mercy' brings out the acoustic side of the band with a sad sounding ballad leaving us with 'Dunnobodyknow', a right stomp and clap track - I dare you to not nod along!

A great listen in the shower when getting ready to go out, there's just no way you can't love this album!

Get a sneak peak by clicking here. And here's what the band did last winter:

Alabama Black Snakes 'Merry Fucking Christmas'
Also available on Spotify!




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