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'Life... And All It Entails'
(Mascot Records)
Release Date: 13th May 2013 (re-release)



enochian theory

Coming from Hold Tight! PR, I was expecting some crazy tech Metal. How silly was I - it's not at all, it's epic and ambient with orchestral offerings, acoustic guitar twiddling and vocals reminiscent of Guy Garvey (Elbow) with the odd flavour of Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons).

First two tracks 'This Is Aching' and 'Hz', boy do they beam epicness and grandure then to strip down into ambient acoustic, simple and light, crescendo'd with strings and piano drops. First two tracks do well, the third track is is random ambient noises and rather out of place, would have left that until then end though as it's broken down the pace of the album.

'Distances' saves it with a more powerful and uplifting feeling only to be followed by random stuff again, this happens again and I notice it's the tracks written in Latin;

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'Non Sum Qualis Eram' (I Am Not What I Was) and 'Creatio Ex Nihilio' (From The Creation Of Zero), except it's not the case for 'Nisi Credideritis, Non Intelligetis' (If You Believe, You Will Not Understand). This throws that theory away with it's twists and turns and aches of an actual track.

'In Times Of Silence' has a slight eery tint which I quite like followed by 'For Your Glory, Great Deceiver' wow, this is all evil! Even with growly vocals, totally out context to the rest of the album, I had to keep checking my iTunes hadn't messed up! But it's pretty awesome with it's demonic chords.

enochian theory

A welcome appearance of instrumental, 'The Motives Of The Machine', continues the mood, followed by the Devinesque intro of 'Singularities' which flows so well is over before you know it at 2:44. The album concludes with 'Loves' and the dynamic 'The Fire Around The Lotus'.

This album reaches out and calls to your inner soul, it's uplifting and powerful and enchanted me from the very start. This is not for your typical proghead, those with a wider appreciation of soundscapes and moods will enjoy most, Elbow really come to mind whilst listening to this release and I'd love to hear and see more!




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