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'Seculo Seculorum'
(Vociferous Records)
Release Date: 24th June 2013



obsessive compulsive

ObCom have been smashing the scene for several years now steadily rising above the plethora of tripe to be found, and rightfully so. The band plays with hard conviction and although most bands are trying to make their own blend of what ever, it's quite clear this band have succeeded in that. Fusing ballsy grunge, heavy melodic rock and alternative punk.

Where they succeed, that others fail in being a little different, is that they don't shy away in attempting to be something unexpected, slowing a track right down or going a little bit quirky. Kelii screams when she wants, growls when she wants and sounds crisp and clean when she wants. Giz's guitars are twiddly, heavy and sometimes bouncy. Dani's drums are generally hard but can then break out into something groovy or heavy.

Perhaps the glue holding this array of sound and focusing a coherent direction for the bands music is bassist, Pete, doing a good job in keeping the tracks grounded.

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Track by track I feel the album actually progresses better and better. First tracks 'Sick Sick Sick' and 'Regurgitate' are oozing grunge and punkness. 'Stamp Your Own Path' demonstrates the bands willingness to not conform to just one path, this reminds me a little of Elastica with 'Jardim Gramancho' going into almost System Of a Down 'Aerials'!

Obsessive Compulsive: 'Regurgitate'

'Nail In My Coffin' brings in an upbeat number whilst 'Float', sets a paced down hypnotising PJ Harvey sound. 'Soul Sucker', wow, this is awesome! A big change in sound from the beginnings of the album, which incidentally mens 'Forever and Ever', heavy and ominous with haunting harmonised vocals and a simple and awesomely effect riff, like an evil Alice In Chains. Also awesome sounding cymbals! From here on the album plays more heavy rock with finale, 'Swallow The Sound', taking us out in a slow stepped heart breaking track.

obsessive compulsive

To talk about the lyrical content, Kelii says it best herself; "I write about life; emotion, frustration, anger, outrage, determination... When something pushes my buttons I write about it. Compared with the last album I feel the lyrics have more bite and more fight to them, rather than feeling defeated I was feeling defiant. I think the songs on this record will make people think, act and get angry, in a positive way!"

I think this band may get lumped in with bands such as Hole, The Distillers or L7, just because it's easy to do so. Yeah they have elements of those sounds and a ballsy front woman, but the band is more than that. They may have similar angst and rawness qualities too but Obsessive Compulsive are going their own way, their rock really is their own. Like a fine blended scotch, they have fused many elements and sounds of what they enjoy and are inspired from.

obsessive compulsive




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