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simon hall

Thrash hits today posted an absurd statment today about some nonce being the greatest rock star at the moment, so here's my response to them..!

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Six Reasons why Simon Hall Is the Greatest Rockstar In The World Today

1. His Band.

Beholder play Heavy Metal. No messing about, straight to the point, HEAVY FUCKING METAL. Mr Hall can sing and growl and does both effortless and seemlessly. The bands second album, 'The Order Of Chaos', was released earlier this year with anger, frustration and pure bloody fury shaping the albums lyrics and rating extremely highly in all the Metal press.

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simon hall

2. Philanthropy.

Beholder wrote and donated the single, 'Never Take Us Down', for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to help promote awareness to 'Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere'. The song was even played to Greater Manchester Police at their recent hearing upon deciding to include crimes against persons with an alternative culture as a hate crime. Good work guys!

Beholder: 'Never Take Us Down

3. His Job.

Like most real musicians, Mr Hall has a day job, but his job is more awesome than most. He works at a festival! Not just any festival; Bloodstock-Open-Air, the UK's No.1 independent outdoor Metal festival. Simon manages the Newblood and S.O.P.H.I.E stages.

simon hall

4. Champion. Mr. Hall is a straight talking guy, he won't mess you about - and you sure wouldn't want to mess about with him, but he's a big teddy bear really. He's proud to be British, undeniably a metal fan to the core and has a massive love and support for unsigned British metal acts. Organising Metal 2 The Masses, Simon gives the little guys the chance to play to new crowds, building a fan base, as well as the prize of playing BOA, and a grand prize to play at Wacken-Open-Air! He even travels around the country to attend as many of these as he can as a judge, what a legend and a patron, someone give this guy a medal!

simon hall

5. Superstar DJ.

Somehow Mr Hall manages to find time to fit in a weekly radio show at Bloodstock Radio (previously TotalRock). Showcasing the many bands that send in demos for slots at M2tM, bands that win their regional finals alongside his heroes such as Dio and Zappa and all things rock and Metal, plus a touch of trad jazz, oo-er!

Beholder: 'Splinter'

6. Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll.

Mr Hall is married so he sure is getting a lot of sex and he's one hell of a sexy mofo with his big bouncy beard and dancing around stage in his kilt. Simon always parties hard, he's that much of a drinking machine I think he once drank engine oil! He once told me he'd bedded the entire outfit of Rock Bitch! But all in moderation, Simon is a professional and is in control of his actions, a sexy partying gentleman - what a catch!

Simon Hall is a hard working and respectable man with a passion and love for music. He works hard and plays hard and will give respect and equality. A big man with a big heart and a big beard, a great smile and a roaring laugh. He's made me smile when I've been down and even warmed me up when I was wet and cold in a field.

This, is a role model.

simon hall



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