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red enemy

The Interview:

Xander: I'm here at UK Tech Fest with Red Enemy, Hi guys!

Red Enemy: Hi, What's the crack! Helloo!

X: Let's get formally introduced from left to right...

I'm Dan the drummer
I'm Connor I play guitar
I'm Jay and I play bass!

X: I actually met you guys 2.5 years ago in Ireland, what have you been up to since then? A bit of a broad question I know but let the readers get up to date with what's been going on with Red Enemy...

D: Well since then we have got a new young guitarist from Cork and we've spent the last year or so writing an album and we're pretty much coming to the end of it now.

C: I think we've done a few tours, then we lost a guitarist and then we found another one!

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X: So has your sound changed much with the introduction of new members?

C: Yeah, it got to a certain point that we knew our sound was going to change and we're pretty excited about it, definitely has changed though.

X: Visually you've changed too, Connor you have really long thick hair - it was way short before!

C: Actually Dan and Jay convinced me to do this. I don't regret it, it's a good crack like. And I'm passed that awkward tying up stage.

X: What shampoo do you use?

J: I'm not ashamed to say that I don't often wash my hair but when I do it's Timotei.

red enemy

D: Head and shoulders is where it's at. The local supermarket has a daily offer and I don't have any dye in my hair or anything but I got the colour treatment one and it's pretty delicious.

C: I got something, two bottle bottles for a euro.

J: Maine and Tail would have been the good answer.

C: What the hell is that?

J: You've never heard of that? It's actually shampoo used for humans and horses. I think it was in Father Ted but it does exist, the best Irish television show I might add!

X: I guess that's good if you attract flies!

J: Or if you ride like a horse. Or hung like a horse. Maine and Tail!

X: So back to some music. When I went over to Ireland the clubs were packed and full of kids, how is the scene now?

D: I'd say since then it's kind of taken a dip really. But the last couple of months it's kind of taken a rise. It got quite quiet but the last six months maybe have taken a burst. It's very small though. The scene in Dublin is very small and all the genres mix, which is great cuz all the genres support each other, like we have mates who aren't necessarily into metal but they come to our gig because it would be a good crack and they're showing some support.

C: It's small and close knit and humble, very humble, but it's cool and that's where we come from.

red enemy

J: A Lot of bands seem to be leaving so that may be why it died down. But it's great to see bands leaving Ireland to go to places where there is a bigger scene, there's hope!

X: Leaving the country??

J: Touring! And then finding out that there isn't really much hope in Ireland if you just stay there.

C: It's just too small to stay there, it's not sustainable. But as a scene it's cool and we like it. Opportunity wise you have to go elsewhere though.

X: You're obviously perusing that, you're here at UK Tech Fest, have you toured here too?

C: Yeah we've done a couple of UK tours and some scattered gigs as well, but we haven't played here in a while.

D: After we first lost a guitarist it kinda put a halt on that. We focused our efforts on getting a new guitar player and writing the album, so. But jesus, this is probably the first time we've been over in about a year!

X: So what's coming up for the band?

C: Album! our first album debut.

X: Is everything all written now?

C: Well pretty much, as we've not recorded anything yet then you're never fully written.

red enemy

D: If we were told that we gotta go in next week and get it recorded we'd have it ready like.

X: Oh, who would be telling you?

D: Oh I dunno...

J: Someone with a lot of money!

X: Have you a working title?

C: No.

D: We're not very good at shit like that so we kinda leave it until we need it. All that kinda stuff just comes.

C: Some bands decide before they make the album but we just see what the vibe is and go from that.

X: OK, here's some quick fire questions for you!

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

J: Invisibility!

C: 100%, flying.

D: I'd like flying fireballs out of your nose.

X: What?!

D: yeah out your nostrils. If anyones wrecking your head you can just do a quick snort, but that's Jay's idea, I stole that.

J: It's the best idea I've ever had! It's like Belsars(?) castle on acid, that's what we like.

X: If you could be a woman for the day, who would you be?

C: Jennifer Aniston.

J: Wonder Woman I suppose.

D: Arr Jesus there's a couple of women I'd like to be really. Angelina Jolie I suppose. Not sure I'd like to get dicked by Brad Pitt though.

X: Favourite pizza?

C: Pepperoni jalapeno

J: Hawaiian

D: I'm loving chicken, bacon and onion. Don't know if there's a name for it but it's a delicious combination.

X: With BBQ sauce?

D: Nah tomato. I liked the BBQ base when it first came out..

X: Woa wait a minute, BBQ base??

D: Yeah that's how they do it but I'm over it now.

X: Your house is on fire, what one item do you save?

red enemy

J: Da budda vaporiser, cuz how would I get stoned without it! And you have to get it from America so I'd have to wait like two weeks. Other than that it would be my weed. Probably both of them, I'd sacrifice an arm to be able to have both of them.

C: I guess I'd have to say guitar, is that ook? It's kinda cheesy really.

D: I'd have to say my laptop cuz it's the only thing worth a shite. And it's pretty easy to grab as well so I wouldn't get scolded on my way out.

X: Who has the smelliest feet in the band?

J: It's definitely not me!

C: I don't know actually. I'm just gonna say Kev because he's not here.

X: Who snores the loudest?


X: Drink of choice?

C: I'm going to go with Crabbies Spiced Orange. It's fucking delish.

D: An ice cold Jameson with coke and lime, all day.

J: It varies as the seasons pass but at the moment it's a Cube Libre.

X: JD or Jager?

D: Jack Daniels

C: Jack Daniels

J: Fuck Jager!

X: And the show question: favourite cheesecake?

D: Oww strawberry

C: Strawberry

J: Yeah Marks and Spencer do a good strawberry cheesecake.

D: A beautiful gift to give us if anyone reading wants to give us one.

X: Thanks guys!

RE: Big up to our friends in Ireland, and Murdock who are playing now! Everyone should check them out. And Hero In Error, Frustration, Imperial, Overhead The Albatross.

C: Overhead the Imperial Frustration. Lethal Dialect, Liberial. Shout out to Pantera, what's the crack lads?

J: I just want to let Vinnie Paul know I've always loved him, I love your eggman suit. Shout out to that!

The live review:

What can I say, if you like your groove then this is the band to listen to.

The music seems to flow out of these guys effortlessly and hits you at the core. At the least the crowd were giving a very energetic nod a long - until vocalist, Kevin, ordered a circle pit - I turned around and hadn't realised how full the tent was, and the pit was off!

It was also great to see other bands including established acts running around and getting dirty in the audience. From here on the crowd were lapping up everything thrown on offer and the band were loving it.

Even with a quickest set up and no sound check the boys nailed it. A sign of good things to come, I have high hopes for this band!

beer beer beerbeerbeer

The EP review - 'Outsiders' 2009

A few years old so it's certainly time for that new recording especially as the sound will have evolved, but 'Outsiders' certainly lays the foundation for what this band are about.

A groovy riff and hardcore vocals with a scent of tech. The three tracks don't mess about and you certainly get a feel how the band play live.

A great recording with the bands essence well captured, I actually feel sad when the last track is finished - I want more!

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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